Burberry has introduced a takeover at Harrods in London, revamping the luxury department store with the new signature colour “Knight Blue,” introduced by the British fashion house’s chief creative officer, Daniel Lee.

The event, scheduled until February 29, commemorates the brand’s “storied heritage” of exploration and the outdoors, from outfitting famed explorers to creating equipment for adventurers. It entails the transformation of Harrods’ iconic green awnings into a seasonal Burberry blue check pattern.

Burberry paints Harrods in Knight Blue
Image credits Burberry

Additional transformation involve windows adorned with camping elements like guy ropes, waterproof fabrics draped artistically, and carabiners. Moreover, the renowned Harrods’ green men are now attired in the Burberry ‘knight blue’ check, a fresh pattern debuted by Lee in the spring/summer 2024 collection. Notably, this represents a fashion house’s inaugural redesign of its uniforms.

After nightfall, the Brompton Road facade of the department store is bedazzled in a luminous blue hue.

London’s Harrods in Striking New Signature Blue

The transformation extends indoors with the ‘Burberry Camping Corner,’ featuring a selection of classic British hiking accessories. Among them are a custom knight bottle opener and a hot water bottle.

Additionally, the camping corner presents a limited-edition orienteering map of Knightsbridge, developed in collaboration with the Open City charity, offering shoppers an opportunity to explore the area.

Furthermore, visitors can indulge in Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake, a beloved treat among explorers and mountaineers, available for purchase.

Burberry paints Harrods in Knight Blue
Image credits Burberry

Apart from that, there’s a dedicated rainwear area where visitors can “immerse themselves completely in Burberry’s illustrious history.” Here, a collection of iconic trench coats is showcased, designed to provide a profound insight into the brand’s esteemed legacy and heritage.

Jonathan Akeroyd, chief executive officer at Burberry, said in a statement: “Burberry’s takeover of the world’s most recognisable department store, Harrods, brings together two icons of British luxury in a celebration of exploration and the outdoors.

“Daniel has a created a uniquely Burberry experience exclusively at Harrods that embraces our very British spirit of fun and adventure. We are excited to invite customers to immerse themselves in this world of modern British luxury.”

Celebrate Harrods’ 175th Anniversary with Exclusive Customized Bear 

The collaboration also encompasses an exclusive capsule collection showcasing over 40 Burberry pieces, available solely at Harrods throughout February. This collection will be housed in two new pop-up areas at Door 6 and Door 9 within Harrods and on the Harrods website.

Burberry paints Harrods in Knight Blue
Image credits Burberry

The collection is spanning across womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, and accessories, highlights include the new Knight bag crafted from Nappa leather, fresh iterations of the Chess and Rocking Horse bags, the Box sneaker in a unique colourway, and exclusive eyewear styles.

In addition, Burberry is joining in celebrating Harrods’ 175th anniversary by releasing a special edition of their iconic Harrods bears, each adorned with a miniature hand-embroidered Burberry scarf. Limited to 175 bears, they will be exclusively available at Harrods.

The luxury brand has also curated a bespoke Harrods hamper, which includes a distinctive camping-themed selection featuring a limited-edition Burberry picnic blanket in knight blue.

Furthermore, a designated picnic area is adorned with knight blue benches alongside a food truck stationed at Door 5. This food truck offers a selection of British pastries and hot beverages for visitors to enjoy.

Burberry Takes Over Harrods in the Virtual Realm: A Metaverse Transformation

Besides, the immersive takeover extends to the virtual realm through the popular platform, Roblox. For the first time, the iconic facade of Harrods has been meticulously replicated in this digital space. This marks the luxury brand’s second foray into Roblox, allowing players to explore the immersive virtual environment and unlock exclusive Burberry items.

Moreover, a virtual lens created through a collaboration with Snapchat and an in-store digital experience will offer visitors innovative and engaging opportunities to interact with the Burberry universe.

Daniel Lee, chief creative officer at Burberry, added: “We are excited to be collaborating with one of the world’s most celebrated luxury department stores. Bringing together two iconic British brands by designing a capsule collection with product exclusive to Harrods and creating an experience in store. The partnership is inspired by our heritage of exploration.”

Burberry paints Harrods in Knight Blue
Image credits Burberry
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