Hampton by Hilton, Hilton’s global powerhouse brand with 3,000 properties globally, has recently unveiled a new prototype hotel design for North America alongside a refreshed global identity.

Welcome to The Dawn of A New Era at Hampton By Hilton

In a landscape where hospitality trends constantly evolve, Hampton By Hilton stands at the forefront, poised to redefine the guest experience and embrace modernity like never before.

This new rebranding marks a pivotal moment in the brand’s history, showcasing its dedication to innovation and guest satisfaction.

Hampton by Hilton
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Through its official statement, Chris Silcock, President, Global Brands and Commercial Services, Hilton said, “Hampton is more than a hotel brand; it’s the heartbeat of our business.”

He commented on the brand’s new look: “From its humble beginnings to becoming a global force, Hampton has consistently maintained its position as a true industry leader, rooted in a strong commitment to service and quality. As we navigate the ever-changing hospitality landscape, Hampton has once again evolved to adapt to the changing development landscape and evolving guests’ needs. Hilton’s continued investment in Hampton further cements its enduring success as a market leader and premium performing brand for both owners and guests.”

Hampton’s Next Chapter: A Prototype Designed for the Future of Travel

Set for its debut in early 2025, the new North American prototype promises to revolutionise the hospitality industry.

Overall, this innovative design embodies Hampton’s dedication to ongoing progress, expansion, and exceptional guest service. Significantly, the prototype goes beyond just a refresh; it’s a strategic move to solidify the brand’s position as a leader for years to come.

The key lies in adaptability. The prototype is designed to fit seamlessly into diverse market conditions and various site restrictions. This flexibility ensures wider implementation while still prioritising guest experience.

More importantly, guests can expect a comfortable and enjoyable stay that reflects the modern approach to hospitality that the brand is pioneering.

Hampton by Hilton
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Redefining the Stay: Hampton Pushes Hospitality Boundaries

The prototype updates, informed by guest and owner insights and design trends, feature thoughtful, modern design with timeless elements. The refreshed features provide improved guest functionality and comfort as well as optimise the cost to build, operate, and renovate for owners.

In addition, the cost-efficient and design-forward North American prototypes are available for both Hampton Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites. The Key updates will include:

  1. Optimise Revenue-Generation opportunities for the Hampton Inn & Suites prototype by increasing the total key count within the same footprint and optimising the Suite room layout for better site efficiency.
  2. Drive cost-savings by up to 6% on new FF&E packages compared to previous packages for both new builds and renovations.
  3. Elevate the Iconic Exterior to include a simplified entrance canopy, subtle adjustments to the colour scheme and an added exterior patio for social gatherings.
  4. Enhance the Guest Welcome by repositioning the front desk, adding a localised feature wall and flexible multi-use space, and relocating the retail shop to a more prominent location within the lobby area, driving increased revenue.
  5. Balance function and comfort in guest rooms with the addition of a multi-functional task table, improved bathroom design, enlarged windows to increase natural light, and optimised in-room guest storage solutions.
  6. Introduce two modern, uplifting Décor Packages inspired by the beauty of America’s landscapes and the vibrancy of its cities.
Hampton by Hilton
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Commitment to Exceptional Service Remains at the Core

Over and above, the brand is committed to surpassing guest expectations by offering reliable and friendly service. With the 100% Hampton Guarantee, guests can trust that any issues will be promptly resolved.

This commitment to service, known as “Hamptonality,” sets Hampton apart, fostering guest loyalty and excellence. Known for its consistent delivery of exceptional experiences, the brand has become a beloved brand that guests return to repeatedly.

Hampton by Hilton
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Introducing Hampton’s Refreshed Visual Identity

The brand has partnered with global branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) to create a new distinctive brand identity.

“The design draws inspiration from Hampton’s pioneering spirit and hospitality heritage, while also being tailored for future global expansion. The refreshed identity conveys the brand’s human touch, welcoming guests into a world of comfortable and enjoyable travel through its visual language by featuring approachable illustrations that celebrate traveler diversity, refined script, a carefully selected color palette and custom typography.”

Hampton by Hilton
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Hampton by Hilton
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From Breakfast to Bedtime: Hampton’s Comprehensive Guest Experience

On top of that, the brand also identified a set of signature experiences to drive brand distinctiveness and delight guests.

Focusing on what matters most to travellers – a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast – Hampton by Hilton identified two key experiences to elevate: the renowned Hampton Sleep Happy program and the ever-popular Hampton Waffle.

Hampton By Hilton
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The Hampton Sleep Happy package offers all the essentials for a restful night. At the same time, the celebrated Hampton Waffle will be reinvented with fresh and surprising twists, including seasonal flavours and incorporation into the brand’s new team member wardrobe program.

A Modernised Look for Hampton by Hilton

This exciting move signals Hampton by Hilton’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the travel industry, prioritising both cutting-edge design and an exceptional guest experience.

Hampton by Hilton understands the importance of staying relevant and appealing to a global audience. They conducted extensive research to ensure their refreshed brand identity resonated with modern travellers worldwide. This research spanned three continents and involved thousands of consumers.

By listening directly to its target audience, the brand could bridge the gap between maintaining its established reputation and evolving into a modern, globally relevant brand.

The refreshed Hampton by Hilton visual identity will roll out across all brand activities, marketing, and communications and be integrated globally at the property level throughout 2024.

For more information about Hampton by Hilton, visit stories.hilton.com/hampton.

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