Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has unveiled a lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, marking an exciting new chapter in her entrepreneurial journey. 

Details are still emerging, but early signs hint at a lifestyle brand inspired by the sunny Californian life Meghan now embraces.

Unveiling Meghan Markle’s New Lifestyle Brand

In a surprising move, the Duchess of Sussex has stepped into the world of entrepreneurship with the launch of a brand called American Riviera Orchard. 

She officially introduced her latest endeavour on Instagram, captivating over 200,000 followers within mere hours of its unveiling. The brand’s debut unfolded across nine cryptic posts, gradually revealing a gilded logo and crest.

American Riviera Orchard
Image Source American Riviera Orchard

Building anticipation, the launch included a silent Instagram story reminiscent of the power plays in Succession. The video, soundtracked by Nancy Wilson’s “I Wish You Love,” showcased Meghan arranging flowers in her Montecito estate kitchen before a dramatic reveal – the Duchess in a black ballgown.

In addition to its Instagram presence, the brand has launched a website featuring the company’s logo and a signup box inviting visitors to join a waitlist.

What to Expect from American Riviera Orchard

Guardian reported that the brand’s trademark filing application encompasses an array of offerings, ranging from cookbooks and tableware to linens and an assortment of spreads and preserves such as jellies, jams, and nut butters. Additionally, the application includes table place card holders specifically noted to be “not of precious metal.”

A subsequent international registration application features a diverse array of products, spanning from stationery and textiles to string bags and yoga gear. Additionally, it encompasses a selection of pet-related items, including leashes, collars, feeding mats, and bird seeds.

As reported by PEOPLE magazine, Meghan chose the name American Riviera Orchard as a tribute to Montecito, the residence she and her family have chosen to call home. Montecito is a place known for its luxurious charm and enclave within Santa Barbara – which has been called the American Riviera for over a century. 

“Meghan finds the name American Riviera Orchard perfect. It feels authentic to her. She can’t wait for the website to launch, ” the source tells PEOPLE.

Meghan Markle launches American Riviera Orchard
Image Source Deposit Photos

From Royals to Moguls: The Evolution of Meghan and Harry’s Media Ventures

This foray into lifestyle marks a return to familiar territory for Meghan, who cultivated a devoted following with her former blog, The Tig. Where she delved into travel, food, beauty, and candid interviews with celebrity friends. The popular blog came to an end in 2017, just ahead of her royal wedding to Prince Harry.

Prince Harry Duke of Sussex and Meghan Duchess of Sussex launches American Riviera Orchard
WINDSOR ENGLAND MAY 19 2018 Prince Harry Duke of Sussex and Meghan Duchess of Sussex leave Windsor Castle in Ascot Landau carriage during a procession after getting married at St Georges Chapel Image Source Deposit Photos

Apart from that, speculation has been rife that Meghan might embark on a product empire akin to Martha Stewart or Gwyneth Paltrow since her and Harry’s transition from senior royal duties in 2020. 

Since then, the couple has delved into several prominent media ventures, notably securing a lucrative five-year deal with Netflix, which is reportedly valued at $100 million.

Additionally, they inked a notable $20 million contract with Spotify, which concluded in mid-2023. Apart from that, Harry also made waves with the release of his bestselling memoir, “Spare,” in 2023.

Spare by Prince Harry
Image Source Dan KitwoodGetty Images

From blogging to documentaries and now potentially a full-fledged brand, Meghan and Harry’s media ventures chart a course of entrepreneurial independence. This evolution reflects a couple charting their own path, leveraging their star power to create content that aligns with their values and interests.

What Lies Ahead For American Riviera Orchard?

With a name that evokes Californian sunshine and a minimalist aesthetic, American Riviera Orchard has sparked a wave of curiosity. The waitlist signup suggests exclusive content or early access for those who sign up, further fueling the anticipation. 

Whether it focuses on wellness and sustainability or offers a curated selection of lifestyle products, Meghan Markle’s return to the world of entrepreneurship promises an exciting new chapter. One thing’s for sure: all eyes are on the Duchess of Sussex as she unveils her vision for American Riviera Orchard.

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