OMRON Healthcare united an AFib patient, a renowned cardiologist, and a composer who uses musical notes to illustrate what AFib is doing to the patient’s heart in “The Sound of AFib” short film.

In an effort to combat the dangers of atrial fibrillation (AFib), the most prevalent heart arrhythmia, OMRON Healthcare has launched “The Sound of AFib” as part of a worldwide campaign.

In conjunction with Heart Health Month, this film aims to educate the public about AFib and its connection to stroke risk. Further, the film is a part of the company mission of “Going for Zero” heart attacks and strokes.

Watch their documentary-style short film, where they teach you about AFib in just five minutes, including how to identify your risk and the steps you can take.

“The Sound of AFib”

“The Sound of AFib,” a captivating short documentary now available online, uses a unique musical approach to raise awareness about atrial fibrillation (AFib).

OMRON brings together an AFib patient, a cardiologist, and a composer to create an original piece that translates the patient’s irregular heart rhythm into music, sparking conversation about this critical condition.

In the film, OMRON brings together Marie, a 47-year-old mother of two who overcame a stroke caused by AFib, Dr. Faizel Osman, a leading cardiologist specialising in atrial fibrillation, and Mr. Steven Aswin, a composer who translates Marie’s ECG into a captivating melody.

The piece beautifully depicts a healthy heartbeat in harmony, disrupted by the irregular rhythm of AFib. This powerful narrative offers a unique and impactful lesson about how AFib affects the heart and the importance of listening for signs of this high stroke-risk condition.

The Risk of AFib & its Links to Stroke

As populations age globally, AFib is becoming an increasingly widespread epidemic, driving a concurrent rise in stroke risk. Notably, research suggests that up to 40% of AFib patients experience no symptoms, leaving them unaware of this significant heart health threat.

Therefore, Global health authorities emphasise the importance of increasing awareness and advocacy efforts to educate the public about AFib. As a result, it empowers individuals at risk to take action and lower their risk.

According to Dr. Osman, AFib is the most common heart rhythm disorder worldwide. AFib significantly increases stroke risk by five times and can be challenging to detect due to its irregular pattern. However, being aware of potential symptoms can empower patients to seek timely diagnosis, potentially making a crucial difference in their health.

He added, “Knowing how to listen to your heart to identify AFib is step one to reduce your stroke risk. Step two is to use technology that can capture the condition at the time you’re feeling your heart race or flutter. That means having medical technology you can access anytime, anywhere, whether you are feeling the symptoms or simply want to be proactive.”

“AFib is an irregular heart rhythm that is commonly misdiagnosed and often misunderstood. In this film, OMRON explores how the universal language of music illustrates the condition. The result is a surprisingly moving way to raise AFib awareness.”

OMRON monitor to detect AFib
Image Source OMRON Healthcare

OMRON’s AFib Screening Device

“OMRON Healthcare offers a first-of-its-kind blood pressure monitor with built-in ECG that captures essential data to help doctors diagnose AFib and assess how to treat it.”

Furthermore, the company is dedicated to developing novel technologies, making it easier for everyone to record ECGs in the future.

Commenting on that, Ayumu Okada, the OMRON Healthcare President and CEO, said

“It’s known that cardiovascular diseases are still the leading cause of death worldwide. Since our first blood pressure monitor in 1973, we’ve been at the forefront of advocating home blood pressure management’s importance, and we recognise it’s insufficient for reaching zero cerebral and cardiovascular risks. Early atrial fibrillation detection is key to preventing arrhythmia-related strokes. By launching this global awareness campaign, we emphasise atrial fibrillation risks and endorse home ECG recordings.”

OMRON Apps to detect AFib
Image Source OMRON Healthcare

She also added that OMRON Healthcare remains steadfast in its vision: “Going for ZERO,” aiming to eliminate cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events. Likewise, the company has developed and introduced a diverse range of user-friendly ECG recording devices and services to achieve this ambitious goal. These developments aim to raise awareness about the crucial role of early AFib detection.

On top of that, the company is constantly committed to fostering global well-being by actively combating the risks of brain and heart diseases worldwide.

Learn more about “The Sound of AFib” short film and gain access to free information about AFib. Visit OMRON’s “The Sound of AFib” Aw

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