The latest METASPEED™  Sky Paris and Edge Paris running shoes from Asics assure to optimize both comfort and performance.

People who hit the pavement usually seek performance and comfort in their next pair of shoes. ASICS’ METASPEED™  series guarantees to elevate your performance and enhance your comfort with its snug fit. The newest additions to this lineup, the Sky Paris and Edge Paris runners, aim to assist you in reaching your personal best.

The METASPEED™  Sky and METASPEED™  Edge were tailored for the “stride” and “cadence” running techniques. The latest additions, METASPEED™  Sky Paris and METASPEED™  Edge Paris continue this trend but with some clever enhancements. They possess a neat feature that aids in sustaining your optimal posture and foot strike angle, even during moments of fatigue.

Image Source ASICS

The latest METASPEED™  models have successfully trimmed approximately 22g from their predecessors, a significant achievement in running shoes. This weight reduction is attributed to the new Motion Wrap Upper 2.0 introduction, which enhances breathability and lightness in the shoe’s upper. Additionally, a new FF Blast Turbo Plus midsole foam has been introduced, boasting a lighter, softer, and more responsive feel compared to previous iterations.

In the case of the METASPEED™  Sky Paris, the full-length carbon plate in the forefoot area has been widened. At the same time, the METASPEED™  Edge Paris positions the carbon plate optimally for cadence runners. The focus remains on achieving the perfect toe-off and maximizing the energy return from the foam.

Asics is more than adding technology to these shoes with careful consideration. They’ve meticulously validated each technological aspect through their Institute of Sport Science and real-world athletes. The feedback speaks volumes: Vincent Kipkemoi Ngeitch and Michael Somers, both accomplished marathoners, have enthusiastically endorsed these shoes for their lightness, responsiveness, and speed.

Shuhei Takemura, Project Leader of the METASPEED series product development, at ASICS said “2024 is a hugely important year in the sport of running, so we are proud to be unveiling the METASPEED SKY PARIS and the METASPEED EDGE PARIS at the start of the season.

Image Source ASICS

“These latest designs represent the culmination of rigorous efforts by our team at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science, in close partnership with external experts and athletes worldwide. Together, we’ve aimed to establish a new benchmark in racing footwear for the brand. Our aspiration is that these shoes will propel our athletes toward numerous personal bests and triumphs throughout the 2024 racing season”, he added.

Vincent Kipkemoi Ngeitch, second-place finisher after his marathon debut at the 2023 Berlin Marathon, said “When comparing to its predecessors, I found the METASPEED SKY PARIS to be notably lighter and more responsive, instilling in me the confidence to surpass my personal best.”

The METASPEED SKY PARIS and METASPEED EDGE PARIS shoes will be accessible for both men and women at ASICS retail outlets and online stores starting March 4, 2024.

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