Alzheimer Research UK has released a new animated short, Change The Ending, focusing on how dementia steals happily ever after.

The Disney-styled film was brought to life with the help of Above+Beyond and Yonder Media, capturing dementia’s impact on patients and loved ones.

Part of the For a Cure campaign, the impactful film is quietly heartbreaking and emotional. According to the organisation, dementia steals a happily ever after every 3 minutes. Supporting data by YouGov further solidifies statistics of this dreadful disease, with less than 49% of respondents citing memory loss as an effect.

Alzheimer Research UK Needs Your Help to Change The Ending

Set in the realm of princes, princesses, dragons, and castles, the animated film begins with a fire-breathing dragon wreaking havoc. The prince swoops in to slay the dragon and save the princess, and they return to the castle, happily ever after… Or so they thought.

Unbeknownst to them, their happy days are numbered. The signs of dementia begin with little things like the prince forgetting where he placed his sword. Bit by bit, the invisible force robs him of his charm and wit, putting him in unexplainable situations and a cruel world.

As the film progresses, it takes on a bleak turn and colour scheme. Wandering alone in a dark forest, the prince is reduced to a shell of himself – tormented by paranoia and confusion. Amidst this nightmare, the princess finds her prince: familiar, yet a stranger she can no longer recognise.

Saving him from the forest, the princess spends the rest of her days caring and trying to rescue him. With the prince tucked in bed, she plants a gentle kiss on the side of his face. The kiss breaks the wall between animation and reality, switching to a real woman bent over her husband.

The film ends with the woman’s light sobs and heavy music, advocating for research that can help cure dementia. Together, viewers can change the ending for dementia and return to the happily ever after we long for.

Award-Winning Actress Olivia Colman Supports Alzheimer Research UK

Narrated by Olivia Colman, the poignant film and campaign resonated with her deeply. Colman shared that during her youth, she would meet the people her mother cared for – including those with dementia. Coupled with a relative’s passing from the condition, lending her voice to the campaign filled her with pride and meaning.

The public can support Alzheimer Research UK’s For a Cure campaign by joining fundraisers, campaigns, or making a monetary donation. For more information, visit the For a Cure landing page.

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