Japanese Men Dress up as Their Wives in Nissan Campaign

Husbands Go Through a Unique Driving Experience to Better Understand Their Wives

Nissan launches “Mommying Drive“, a concept campaign themed around its family car model, Serena, aimed for husbands to understand driving through the eyes of their wives.

The campaign is aimed at husbands and fathers to fully grasp their wives’ daily life experience in a new concept video. In the video, three husbands undergo a dressing and styling process to adopt their wives appearance and spend the day driving and living their wife’s daily routines, which include driving children to school, buying groceries, picking up dry-cleaning or picking up children from their extracurricular activities.

Supervised by the Japan Aisaika Organisation (Japan Society of Loving Husbands), the project’s purpose is to make the men understand some of their spouses’ hurdles, as well as to highlight the Serena’s advantages for family use. The organisation – responsible for declaring 31 January the National Day of Loving Husbands – focuses on making men “care and be more grateful towards their wives”.

A test drive event will be held on 28-29 January at the Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery. During the event, male participants will dress as their wives and are required to drive a Serena to a specific store to shop for items, all instructed by the females. Some participants will be asked to wear an inner suit, designed to inhibit some of their movements.