Apple reveals a stunning new iPad Pro with the world’s most advanced display, M4 chip.

Apple unveiled major updates to the most anticipated iPad Pro yesterday. 

Featuring a new thin and light design, breakthrough Ultra Retina XDR display, and outrageously fast M4 performance with powerful AI capabilities, the new iPad Pro takes a giant leap forward. 

The latest Apple iPad Pro M4
Image Source Apple

The Groundbreaking Machine: Internal and External 

The new iPad Pros have a fresh design, more powerful internals, and a thinner profile than ever before, and it comes with a significant display upgrade. 

Thinnest Apple Product Ever, in 13-inch and 11-inch Models

The new tablet is available in silver and space black finishes for users to choose from. The tablet is the thinnest Apple product ever, taking portability to a whole new level.

For the first time, the new iPad Pro comes in two sizes: an expansive 13-inch model and a super-portable 11-inch model. 

The 11-inch model is just 5.3 mm thin and weighs less than a pound. At the same time, the 13-inch model is even thinner at a striking 5.1 mm and nearly a quarter pound lighter than its predecessor, which allows users to extend their workflows in new ways and more places.

Apple iPad Pro
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World’s Most Advanced Display

The new edition debuts the Ultra Retina XDR, the world’s most advanced display, to provide an even more remarkable visual experience. 

The Ultra Retina XDR display features tandem OLED technology that uses two OLED panels and combines the light from both to provide phenomenal full-screen brightness. 

Moreover, the new tablet supports an incredible 1,000 nits of full-screen brightness for SDR and HDR content and 1,600 nits peak for HDR. It boasts an unmatched extreme dynamic range, setting a new standard for tablets.

Image Source Apple

For pro users working in high-end, colour-managed workflows or challenging lighting conditions, a new nano-texture glass option comes to iPad Pro for the first time.

With its breakthrough tandem OLED technology, extreme brightness, incredibly precise contrast, brilliant colours, and nano-texture glass option, the new Ultra Retina XDR display is the world’s most advanced display, giving iPad Pro customers an unparalleled viewing experience.

iPad Pro with M4, A New Leap

On top of that, the latest edition is powered with the new M4 chip, the next generation of Apple silicon. M4 features an entirely new display engine to enable the precision, colour, and brightness of the Ultra Retina XDR display. 

Apple iPad Pro
M4 delivers a huge leap in performance with pro rendering apps like Octane seeing up to 4x faster performance than M2 Image Source Apple

Compared to M2, M4 can deliver the same performance using just half the power. If compared to the latest PC chip in a thin and light laptop, the M4 can deliver the same performance using just a quarter of the power.

Furthermore, a new advanced Media Engine includes support for AV1 decode, providing more power-efficient playback of high-resolution video experiences from streaming services.

iPad Pro: Powerful Device for AI

With this new powerful device, users can perform AI-enabled tasks even faster, like quickly isolating a subject from its background in 4K video with just a tap with Scene Removal Mask in Final Cut Pro. With this advanced level of performance, the Neural Engine in M4 is more powerful than any neural processing unit in any AI PC today.

iPad Pro: Pro Cameras

Apple iPad Pro Camera
Image Source Apple

The new iPad Pro has an upgraded camera system for more flexibility. It includes four high-quality microphones for excellent audio. With its 12MP back camera, users can capture vibrant photos and videos with improved colours, textures, and detail, even in low light. 

Plus, a new True Tone flash enhances document scanning. The iPad Pro uses AI to identify documents in the Camera app and takes multiple photos if there’s a shadow in the way.

iPad Pro: Pro Connectivity

The tablet includes a high-performance USB-C connector with support for Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4, delivering fast wired connectivity up to 40Gb/s. Thunderbolt supports an extensive ecosystem of high-performance accessories, including external displays like the Pro Display XDR at its full 6K resolution and external storage, all connected using high-performance cables and docks. 

The device also supports Wi-Fi 6E for fast connections anywhere. With Wi-Fi + Cellular models featuring 5G, users can easily access files, communicate, and back up data on the move. 

These models use eSIM for activation, providing a secure digital alternative to physical SIM cards. Users can quickly connect and transfer existing plans digitally, storing multiple plans on one device. This makes it simple to get wireless data plans in over 190 countries without needing a physical SIM card from a local carrier.

iPad Pro and the Environment

The new Apple tablet prioritises environmental responsibility by meeting Apple’s high energy efficiency standards and eliminating harmful materials like mercury, brominated flame retardants, and PVC. Even the packaging is 100% fibre-based, reflecting Apple’s commitment to removing plastic from all packaging by 2025.

iPad Pro: Unleashing Next-Level Performance and Connectivity

The iPad Pro’s versatility and advanced features empower a new era of productivity and creativity on the go. This powerful device seamlessly blends performance and flexibility for users who prioritise getting things done and expressing themselves wherever they are.

The new iPad Pro is available to order starting today, with availability in stores beginning Wednesday, 15th May. Visit their official website to learn more. 

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