Have you ever travelled somewhere and seen someone famous? Well, even notable figures need to catch a break sometimes. With ‘Get Out There’ by easyJet and VCCP London, the summer campaign captures all the emotions of travel and adventure. 

The memorable campaign stars popular tourist attractions – the Mona Lisa, David, The Thinker, and Girl with the Pearl Earring. From tourist attractions to tourists, they break free from their surroundings to travel the world with easyJet.

Get Out There with easyJet

The advertisement begins with tourists puzzled at an empty portrait of the Mona Lisa, her silhouette gone. The scene then switches to the Mona Lisa in person, waiting in line for her passport to board a flight to Athens. 

Following that, David disembarks from an easyJet aircraft, radiant with his marble white hair and skin, black sunglasses, and a tropical shirt. Besides that, The Thinker takes his iconic pose against a cathedral, studying the menu at an alfresco dining spot. 

At first glance, Girl with the Pearl Earring looks like she’s where she belongs in history. But with the timely shot of a startled glance and as the camera zooms out, she is seen relaxing on the beach. Moreover, baby cherubs with little floaties cool down in a swimming pool to escape the summer heat.

easyJet and VCCP London's 'Get Out There' Campaign
easyJet and VCCP Londons Get Out There Campaign Image Source easyJet

As the video ends, we see Girl with the Pearl Earring in a car with a friend. The two smile as she takes off her signature turban and throws it up in the air. The cloth catches flight and flies away, as an easyJet aeroplane passes by accompanied by the campaign’s text: ‘Get Out There’.

No Technology, Just Real People

In the digital age, it would be easy to surmise that Artificial Intelligence (AI) played a hand in recreating these famous figures. However, that is far from the case, as the figures are played by real people from all over Europe. 

By casting real-life personalities who bear striking resemblances to their famous counterparts, easyJet captures the essence of humanity and the freedom of travel. Along with relatable scenes of them on holiday, it depicts the power of travel – empowering everyone to be free to travel.

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