Cinderella and her glass slipper: a classic, timeless pairing that never goes out of style. Celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary, jewellery brand Swarovski joins hands with The Walt Disney Company to create a crystal rendition of the iconic Disney showpiece.

For over a century, Disney’s existence has preserved its legacy of storytelling. Whether the widely-popular character Mickey Mouse or being the first post-produced sound cartoon, the brand has been a conglomerate of entertainment and magical artistry.

To make Disney100 an anniversary not to be forgotten, Swarovski recreated a bespoke solid crystal slipper, dating back to the days of Cinderella. Previously in 2015, the crystal maker crafted a similar glass slipper for the live-action Cinderella movie.

At that time, costume designer Sandy Powell visualised a hand-cut crystal shoe based on an 1890 design. After several iterations, which now reside in the Walt Disney archives, the production team decided to opt for leather boots. Thus, without a fairy godmother, Lily James’ leather boots turned glittery with CGI-makers.

Disney100 x Swarovski’s Magical Creation

With 221 facets, these holographic shoes radiate a magical shimmer. A team of eight craftsmen crafted the shoes in 150 hours. Moreover, to preserve its reflective and radiant properties, only solid Aurora Borealis crystals were used.

glass slipper
Image Source Disney

Giovanna Engelbert, Swarovski’s Global Creative Director, contributed to the production of the iconic crystal shoes. Crafted at the Swarovski headquarters in the Austrian Alps, these Cinderella glass slippers hold unique reflective properties.

Engelbert commented: “I am honoured to participate in this global celebration of creativity and emerging talent. What inspired me to recreate Cinderella’s iconic crystal slipper for Disney100 is the name of the charity and the idea of a wish. And of course, the slipper is the most famous shoe in the world. It is transformative and full of magic, so it was the perfect way to unite the world of Swarovski with the world of Disney.”

Swarovski’s Longstanding Collaboration With Disney

For this year-long celebration, Disney has gathered creative visionaries and next-generation talent to support its Make-A-Wish charity by contributing Disney-renowned pieces.

By the end of 2023, Disney will auction these Cinderella glass slippers, along with the creative works of Beyoncé, Tommy Hilfiger, and Christian Louboutin. Hence, a perfect way to streamline charity proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for critically ill children.

The Disney100 x Swarovski is just one of the two brands’ historic partnerships together. Back in 2005, Swarovski created six crystal figurines of the iconic Disney character Mickey Mouse and the rest of its clan. Continuing this legacy, Disney100 x Swarovski will soon launch home decor products and jewellery.

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