Meeting your partner’s family for the first time can be a nerve-wracking, stomach-twisting experience. But accidentally clogging their toilet is a horror movie come to life, as Scott shows in The Clogging.

With VaynerMedia and Director Chioke Nassor, The Clogging is a subtle nod to the 2017 psychological horror movie Get Out. In the movie, a young man meets his girlfriend’s family for the first time, only to be stuck in a terrifying situation.

The Horrific Clogging Summarised

Similarly, The Clogging sees a young woman, Claire, travelling with her partner back to his family home. As they unload the car, she takes a verbal check of their inventory. “The snacks, the drinks, the toilet paper,” she says.

The couple are welcomed as he presses his keys to lock the car. However, the camera shifts to the boot, where a pack of Scott 1000 toilet rolls are left in the dark as the trunk closes. A sinister track plays in the background, prompting viewers to continue watching.

The next scene unfolds at dinner where the man’s family members compliment Claire. As she excuses herself to head to the restroom, he tells her casually that the buttons are a little tricky and need some work. Thinking nothing of it, she soldiers on, only to notice a small scrap of toilet paper left.

A quick flashback reminds her of the pack of Scott 1000 rolls in the car. Faced with a difficult decision between the available 5-ply toilet paper or none, she makes a choice. Moments later, a little wad of toilet paper floats at the tip of the toilet bowl. Toilet water flows onto the floor as she panics and presses the flush button repeatedly.

Elsewhere, the family wonders where Claire has disappeared to. When her boyfriend checks in on her, she tries to remove the clog with a plunger. She even grabs a nearby towel to absorb the excess water, pushing it into the toilet bowl.

At this point in time, it’s grandma’s turn to use the restroom. As the door swings open, shock fills the screen at the sight of the bathroom. Claire is nowhere to be seen, but is portrayed as having fled the scene through an open window.

Scott Bath Toilet Rolls, Flushable-Approved

Using a terrifying yet relatable approach, The Clogging pokes fun at the fear of using restrooms in public places. Nevertheless, it paints Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Scott’s product quality and value as a clog-free brand.

Whether it’s a number one or number two deed, consumers can trust Scott for reliable toilet rolls. Just don’t forget to bring them along. 

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