Anytime Fitness Encourages Australians to ‘Find Your Fit’


Working with agency of record The Hallway, Anytime Fitness Australia has launched their latest campaign to help people find their fit. Titled ‘Find Your Fit’, the campaign aims to demolish the perception of time constraints that hinder people from their fitness goals. 

Find Your Fit Promotional Video

With a 24-hour Anytime Fitness gym, the star film captures the sweat-dripping moments of gym goers at every hour of the day. Starting the day is the breakfast club hard at work on the treadmill, but don’t confuse them with the early birds strong on iron. 

 Following that, parents drop into the gym after dropping off their children at school. The motivators encourage their peers to stay motivated, whilst the monetizers do what they do best – mirror selfies and gym videos.

As the day progresses, round 11 sees muscle men and women working on their chests, biceps, and triceps. By 4PM, the smoko locos have clocked off work and into the gym, along with CEOs and overachievers.

As night falls and the clock strikes midnight, shift workers stroll in to greet their upside-down dawn. Eventually, as the gym clears out, all that’s left is the lone ranger riding straight on till morning. 

Anytime Fitness Australia - Find Your Fit
Image Source Anytime Fitness Australia

Anytime Fitness: Australia’s Most Welcoming Gym

Accompanied by the light melody of Tchaikovsky’s Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy, the tongue-in-cheek film captures how people stay healthy despite their schedules. Whether it’s conquering the treadmill between drop-off and pick-up or pausing a ride to answer a call, Anytime Fitness’ 24-hour gyms provide the flexibility and space to be fit anytime.

Caitlin Bancroft, the CMO of Anytime Fitness, shared, “Our ambition is to become Australia’s most welcoming gym, open to anybody regardless of where they’re up to on their fitness journey. Through ‘Find your fit’, we’re celebrating gym goers in all their forms in a fun way that puts inclusion at the heart of our brand.”

The motivating campaign will run across a variety of films, social, display, and OOH platforms.

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