Google introduces a robust new translation feature within Circle to Search

A forthcoming AI search update for Android, available for free, is set to enhance Google’s Circle to Search feature, making the translation of large text segments easier than before.

The AI-driven Circle to Search feature was unveiled earlier this year for Android users, coinciding with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24. This feature allows users to circle items on their screen, swiftly generating search results tailored to the context. It can be used for various purposes, such as identifying clothing items, buildings, food, and more, simply by circling them on the screen.

Android latest update
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The recent update further simplifies translation tasks by adding a translation shortcut next to the search bar. This feature enables users to translate entire pages simultaneously, making it exceptionally convenient for tasks like deciphering menus while travelling abroad, which is just one of its many practical applications. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with PDF files, enhancing its utility in various business contexts.

Presently, Circle to Search is exclusively accessible on the Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8 series, with compatibility extended to the Pixel 7 lineup. Google has additionally confirmed its expansion to include the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro models and the upcoming Pixel 6a and 7a. Moreover, Google has announced its imminent availability on the Pixel Fold and Pixel tablet, although a precise release date remains undisclosed.

On another note, it has been verified that Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series will also receive the Circle to Search update. While it would be beneficial for Google to extend its updates beyond Samsung and Pixel handsets in the future, for now, we can only hope. We anticipate that it won’t be long before users of other devices can enjoy these new features, and we’ll keep you informed as we receive updates from Google.

Gemini Android Update Introduces Seamless Google Maps Navigation

Google’s experimental AI assistant, Gemini, is becoming increasingly valuable. In the latest update to the Gemini app available on the Google Play Store, Google has given it additional navigation capabilities.

According to 9to5Google, the Google Gemini app underwent a Play Store update on March 25th. This update elevates the app to version 1.0.618909562 and incorporates the following details in its changelog: “Gemini now initiates navigation with Google Maps automatically upon requesting directions”.

Android latest update
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This marks a departure from the app’s previous functionality, where this feature wasn’t inherently accessible without assistance from Google Assistant. Now, you can issue a command like “Navigate to xxxx,” and the app will promptly display a summary of your route and directions and seamlessly transition you directly into Google Maps with your route prepared within seconds.

In addition to this enhanced feature, Gemini includes several other updates in this version, including setting reminders or calendar events through voice commands. Admittedly, this functionality has been available for years with Google Assistant, but we’re giving Gemini the benefit of the doubt, considering it’s still a relatively new app. Ensure you have the “Workspace” extension enabled in your Gemini settings to access these features.

While Gemini still has a considerable distance to cover to match the capabilities of Google Assistant, it has been steadily improving over time. Both the web and mobile versions have received incremental updates regularly, contributing to its advancement. However, it’s evident that Gemini can’t fully replace a digital assistant on a smartphone. Nevertheless, it’s only a matter of time before it reaches that point. 

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