As electric vehicle (EV) adoption rates increase alongside the influx of new models, Google Maps is taking it one step further. The Google Maps Android Auto feature will prioritise a list of EV charging stations, replacing recommendations for gas stations.

On the system app, categories such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and frequently-searched places dominate the top. For EV drivers, the gas station option is redundant, as an electric vehicle does not rely on gas but electricity. 

Fortunately, Google has considered this to improve its user experience. EV drivers can now swap the gas station category with EV charging stations, adapting the feature to its users.

The EV feature on Android Auto was launched in 2020, while the EV charging station assistance has been available since 2022. With the new shortcut, EV drivers can search for suitable charging stations easier and with less hassle.

Electric vehicle charging stations easier to navigate with Android Auto

EV Features on Android Auto Google Maps

According to a Google article on EV charging, drivers can locate charging stations based on charger types or speeds, or payment networks. Furthermore, drivers will be prompted to select an en-route charging station if a destination cannot be reached on a single charge.

Likewise, Google Maps has integrated various EV-focused capabilities to cater to drivers. For instance, real-time charging port availability lets drivers know which charging ports nearest to them are queue-free. Charging speed filters empower drivers to locate high-speed charging stations, and charging stations in search results display stations in convenient locations like supermarkets.

Apart from those, drivers can filter based on plug types suitable for their cars and add charging stops to trips. Although the option to hide gas stations has been around for a while, these new EV features go hand-in-hand to fulfil current needs.

To activate the EV feature, users will need to configure their Google Maps with an electric vehicle. Moreover, for greater accuracy, users are encouraged to select their EV option, charger type, and charging speed. The feature is currently exclusively on Google Maps Android Auto. 

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