World Surf League has launched a brand campaign themed, ‘You Can’t Script This’, in support of the Billabong Pipe Masters of 2015

In conjunction with the Billabong Pipe Masters of 2015, World Surf League, the main organiser of the famed tournament, has kick-started a new global brand campaign themed, ‘You Can’t Script This’, to prepare for the convergence of fans and surfers alike on the shores of Oahu to witness the highly anticipated season finale.

Anchoring the said launch is Chaos Theory, a 90-second film set to serve as a reflection of the sport’s unpredictability. Developed by creative agency, Mistress, while directed by Dan DiFelice, the said spot is set to premiere via the organisation’s official website and air across its multiple broadcast partner television networks.

They include ABC for the United States, MCS for France, Fox 5 Sports for Australia, as well as Google’s Display Network, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram alongside several other social media outlets. Also, features such as personalised smartphone alerts have been activated to notify fans on their favourite athletes’ competition time slots.

Meanwhile, a free mobile app has been added to the mix to enable viewers to catch live WSL events at some of the remotest locations in the world. Combines, the overall push is designed to simplify the experience for both diehard aficionados of the championship as well as first-time explorers of the sport.

“Competitive surfing is such an unpredictable sport and that’s what makes it so compelling. With You Can’t Script This, our goal was to create a campaign that celebrates this simple truth about the sport we love,” said Scott Hargrove, Chief Marketing Officer of the World Surf League.

Since acquiring the Association of Surfing Professionals in 2012, the brand has been committed to improving the quality, quantity, and consistency of competitive surfing. In the process, it has become one of the first truly digital sports leagues providing 100% of its content online and at no charge.

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