The platform reaffirms the Wrangler brand’s commitment to sustainability and coincides with the launch of a new eco-friendly green jean offering

Wrangler, a global icon in jeans-wear and casual apparel, has announced the launch of its WeCare Wrangler sustainability platform, building off the brand’s long-standing commitment to protecting the planet and the people that call it home.

WeCare Wrangler unites the brand’s legacy of sustainability with measurable goals designed to bring consumers the apparel they know and love while reducing the brand’s environmental impacts.

Coinciding with the launch of the WeCare Wrangler platform, the brand has launched the new Retro Green Jean assortment which improves on favorite Wrangler styles with a variety of natural fibers, recycled hardware and eco-friendly materials from the hem to the waistband and everything in-between.

“It matters to Wrangler what’s in our clothing. Our process for creating apparel that consumers are passionate about starts with respect for both for the planet and the people who call it home,” said Tom Waldron, EVP, global brand president of Wrangler. “The WeCare Wrangler sustainability platform will act as our roadmap as we help lead the industry toward meaningful change that creates more positive environmental and social impacts.”

The WeCare Wrangler platform is guided by three key focus areas:

Planet: The iconic denim starts as cotton, and the brand is committed to protecting the land from which it grows. From protecting the soil, to saving water, to reducing waste and energy use, Wrangler is dedicated to challenging itself to leave less of an impact on the planet;

Product: Wrangler understands that the planet’s resources are limited and is constantly re-thinking how its products are made and what they’re made of – finding more ways to use less, and;

People: Wrangler is committed to doing right by all people with the products it makes. That means treating workers throughout its worldwide supply chain fairly and with respect. It also means upholding the brand’s commitment to find more ways to have less environmental impact on the planet.

As part of WeCare Wrangler, Wrangler is building off the steps the brand has already taken toward a more sustainable future and has set ambitious goals as they are important.

Wrangler further drives sustainability in the supply chain with strategic alliances that propel apparel development forward. In addition to signing onto the Ellen MacArthur Foundations Jeans Redesign guidelines last year, the brand also joined its Make Fashion Circular initiative, which drives collaboration between apparel industry leaders to ensure clothes are made from safe and renewable materials, new business models increase their use, and old clothes are turned into new.

“We’re continuously looking for opportunities to work with our partners and suppliers to minimize impact on the planet,” said Jeff Frye, vice president of product development and direct procurement at Kontoor Brands. “When we all work together, we can create apparel that not only looks good, but conserves the land it’s created from.”

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