What’s Big at Max Mara’s 10th Anniversary of Teddy Bear Coat


The biggest hit of all time, Max Mara’s iconic Teddy Bear Coat is turning ten this year. On this occasion, Harrods, a London department store, unveils a pop-up space to mark the 10th anniversary of one of the fashion’s most beloved icons.

Further, this Gigantic Global Fashion Adventure will stay active until November 14, 2023. 

Since its advent in 2013, Max Mara’s Teddy Bear Coat has been on everyone’s wishlist whenever winter comes knocking. From its camel hair texture and a unique blend of glamour to its cocoon-cut cover-up, Max Mara has always created a unique faux fur delicately embellished on a silk base. 

Therefore, this Italian brand unveils a “Teddy Ten” pop-up in Harrods, to celebrate people’s love for a decade. This especially-curated place offers different interactive features for visitors. Situated on the ground floor, this new space brings games and photo opportunities for Max Mara’s fans. 

Alongside the availability of fashion items, visitors can entertain themselves via the “Teddy Bear experiential pathway.” There, ‘memory games’ and ‘Castle photobooth’ await you to make it a remarkable tour. Also, people can get four Teddy Ten images through email. 

Teddy Bear Coat
Image Source Max Mara

How’s the Pop-up Design for Max Mara’s Teddy Bear Coat Celebration?

As an “expression of playful glamour,” this Teddy Bear Coat comforts you in a cozy and wintry ambiance. Hence, to portray this essence, Max Mara integrates camel colour furniture and fabric at Harrods. 

With its transformation into an enchanting castle, the new pop-up space simulates Teddy Bear’s kingdom. Here, a 1.6m tall Teddy welcomes you with open arms, spreading and receiving love. For sure, as a visitor, you’ll be overwhelmed to see this majestic Teddy castle, gigantic teddy, glowing ornaments, and the classic Teddy Bear Icon Coat. 

A Unique Range of Merchandise

What else? With this multiple series of celebrations, Max Mara unveils a kid’s collection of its “Teddy Bear Icon Coat.” It’s the first time this Italian brand has launched the fluffiest collection for 5-12-year-olds. 

In another offering of special-edition products, customers can get rhinestone-adorned white and camel Teddy Bear Icon coats. Believe it or not, you can upscale your collection with Max Mara’s fluffy TeddyTen accessories, including mittens, earmuffs, and velvety hats with teddy bear ears. For this, you can visit Harrods’ fourth floor. 

Even coats in different color variants, including baby pink, sage green, and lilac, are also available in selected stores. Also, there’s a fabric update in pink and deep brown Teddy Bear coat, delivering newness and comfort for upcoming winters. 

Moreover, this exclusive Teddy Bear collection also features irresistible mother-daughter outfits. Recently, Max Mara has featured American model ‘Arizona Muse’ and her daughter to promote this new collection. 

Teddy Bear Coat
American model Arizona Muse and her daughter<br >Image Source Max Mara
Teddy Bear Coat
American model Arizona Muse and her daughter Image Source Max Mara

While giving a warm embrace with their cocoon-shaped appearance, these Teddy Bear coats have become an emblem of comfort and timeless fashion. Hence, visit Max Mara’s store or its website to get these iconic coats and accessories. 

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