TikTok has announced a partnership with the National PTA, a formal organisation composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. With school closures across the nation impacting students and teachers, millions of households have been navigating the emerging challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented. Understanding the importance of continuing educational success for students who are physically away from the classroom, the social networking company have been inspired by seeing students and teachers connecting over humour on TikTok.

As part of their larger global efforts to give back to the communities amidst the coronavirus, TikTok is partnering with National PTA to donate US$2 million/£1,6 million to help fund critical K-12 programmes that support distance learning as well as school meal benefits. The funds will equip PTAs with resources to help meet the critical needs of students, families, teachers and communities during these times.

“National PTA is grateful to be named as a beneficiary of the TikTok Community Relief Fund. This donation will help us further support and advocate for families, schools and communities across the country and help them navigate the many challenges that have arisen from COVID-19,” said Leslie Boggs, president of National PTA.

“Now more than ever, PTAs nationwide are working hard to ensure our families and school communities are safe, healthy and have what they need—focusing right now on social and emotional wellbeing, resources for distance teaching and learning, bridging the digital divide and access to school meal benefits. Because of TikTok generous support, PTA will be able to dramatically step up our efforts in all of these critical areas.”

The social network company is grateful to the educators who work each day on our behalf and is overjoyed to contribute to important efforts on behalf of the students, teachers, and families who rely on TikTok to connect with their communities. TikTok hopes this donation can help provide some relief to the families, students, teachers, administrators and community leaders impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

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