Mars China has launched a new SNICKERS® dark chocolate cereal bar, highlighting the brand’s long-term commitment to providing more health-conscious products and sustainable packaging options. 

This advanced product offers consumers a low-sugar and low-glycaemic index (GI) bar, packed individually in mono polypropylene (PP) material.

Snickers cereal bar
Image Source Mars China

SNICKERS® Meeting Consumers’ Demands for New Snacks

The new SNICKERS® dark chocolate cereal bar is a lightweight and delectable snack. 

To give consumers a tasty treat while maintaining nutritional balance, Mars and the China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries (CNIF) developed a new, improved formula incorporating zero-sugar pure cocoa butter dark chocolate. 

On top of that, it also contains fine ingredients such as imported Turkish hazelnut spread, pumpkin seeds, black sesame, and almonds. Each 30g pack of SNICKERS® dark chocolate cereal bar boasts a low GI value (40) and low GL value (4) and is rich in dietary fibre and prebiotics.

Packaging Designed For Recycling

Mono-material flexible packaging comprises a single plastic component, making recycling easier, unlike conventional flexible packaging, which consists of multiple layers of material and poses recycling challenges. 

Additionally, Mars China has taken the initiative by implementing more detailed internal validation and quality standards to ensure the SNICKERS® packaging materials meet food safety requirements for product protection. 

Moreover, to reduce the dependence on plastic and support sustainable forest management, the outer packaging box of the SNICKERS® new bar uses paper material certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The “Flexible Plastics Reborn” Project 

Besides, the packaging of the new SNICKERS® bar is precisely designed according to the recycling requirements of the “Flexible Plastics Reborn” project. 

After use, consumers can drop off the SNICKERS® new bar packages at designated collection points provided by the “Flexible Plastics Reborn” project. That way, the brand assists in packaging recycling and taking action to prevent packaging from becoming waste. 

The “Flexible Plastics Reborn” project is a collaborative effort between Mars China and other relevant organisations and brands, like the Green Recycled Plastic Supply Chain Joint Working Group (GRPG), China Plastic Recycling Association of China National Resources Recycling Association (CRPA), Dow, PepsiCo, and P&G. 

This project further proves the brand’s commitment to promoting easy collecting, and easy recycling packaging within the industry through its sustainable packaging practices, as well as seeking support from consumers to do their part.  

With the new healthy and tasty SNICKERS® low GI dark chocolate cereal bar wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, eco-conscious consumers can now snack guilt-free as they contribute to a sustainable future for our planet. The chocolatey treat is now available in selected outlets in China.

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