Skechers has both tripled its retail presence in five years and rolled out the brand’s largest superstore, which is located in Shenyang, China.

Skechers has announced the opening of its largest retail location to date with the debut of its store in Shenyang, China. The premiere sets it current number of shops worldwide over the 3,000 mark as well as reflects the growing presence of the marque across the globe.

At over 32,000 square feet, the new superstore joins a network matching the brand’s North American footprint. Displaying its diverse styles for men, women, and children, the offering features shop-in-shops for accessories and apparel, kids’ entertainment zones, and more.

A living catalogue, said spaces take the customer experience beyond ecommerce solutions. Skechers stores are brand-drivers stylised in its iconic steel and blue décor. Fitted with the latest point-of-sale technologies, each outlet exists to invite shoppers to enter and explore.

The group’s retail locations span six continents, from premium concept stores at New York’s Time Square to Santa Monica Promenade to London’s Covent Garden. Its international trail extends further to include markets such as Canada, Madrid, Lima, Tokyo, and many more.

“Our product is stylish, affordable, comfortable for every age—and resonates with billions of consumers—thanks to our retail presence and growing investment in areas like China. We sell to shoppers in over 170 countries,” said Michael Greenberg, President at Skechers.

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