Canon Solutions America and Barracuda are collaborating to provide businesses better protection against security breaches from attackers.

Canon Solutions America has joined forces with Barracuda, a cloud-enabled security solutions provider. With the cost of data breach rising and more businesses being affected, the aim is to provide a security awareness resource to help customers mitigate risk.

The Barracuda PhishLine guards against social-engineering threats with ongoing simulation and employee training. The platform helps them recognise subtle clues when an email isn’t from the supposed sender. The system uses a two-pronged approach to tackle the above.

Computer-based training grants a baseline understanding of the latest methods of attacks. The offering also embeds learning into business processes using simulations which test and reinforce good user behaviour. The inclusion of rich reporting and analytics allow visibility.

“The Barracuda PhishLine offering affords businesses access to easy-to-use simulation and training that will transform employees from potential victims into the first line of defence against sophisticated phishing attacks,” said Peter Kowalczuk, President of Canon Solutions America.

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