Renault’s “proud of it” campaign is aimed at all those who lead busy lives but are close to the essentials

Renault has always been able to create “voitures à vivre”, which mark their era. In 1997, Renault Kangoo was no exception to the rule, inventing the combi space category. And today, Renault Kangoo remains the benchmark for families in their daily lives.

The company’s new model was therefore eagerly awaited. More spacious and more versatile, New Renault Kangoo is ideal for family trips or for its load capacity. It offers an elegant design, a comfortable interior space, the latest technology, and the best driving assistance systems.

With this “proud of it” campaign, New Renault Kangoo is aimed at all those who lead busy lives but are close to the essentials. Those who like to share and live first and foremost, rather than wait for the next episode on their sofa. It’s for all the everyday rebels who basically want to escape the codes and live life to the full. After long months spent in confinement, the campaign offers a real reconnection to nature, to the open air, to discovery.

The tone of the campaign is inspiring, full of emotion, and aims to resonate with all families guided by strong human values. The film closes with the signature “New Renault Kangoo and proud of it”. This is a way of comparing the pride of driving the vehicle with the pride of a new way of life expressed by these families.

“Kangoo is a proud part of Renault’s history of inventions and its new model lives up to families’ expectations in terms of design, comfort and new technologies,” said Arnaud Belloni, Brand Global Chief Marketing Officer at Renault.

“It was therefore essential for us that the campaign conveyed this pride, this impetus and even this militancy for a way of life and human values that are very well embodied by the new Renault Kangoo.”

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