Pizza Hut is celebrating the Spider-Man: Homecoming release with the return of its Cheesy Bites Pizza to stores across the United States.

Pizza Hut is putting Cheesy Bites back on the menu in the United States between now and 9 July. The move supports the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which hits theatres on 7 July. As part of the promotional partnership, the brand is spotlighting its delivery drivers in a new advertising campaign.

The limited-edition item is currently available for delivery, carryout, and dine-in. Meanwhile, the quick service chain has introduced simple functions such as Reorder and Easy Pay to attach convenience to every purchase of the crowd-favourite. Also, with the Pizza Hut Delivery Tracker, fans can monitor their order status.

“Spider-Man isn’t the only hero in town this season. As Spidey returns to the big screen, we are ready to deliver our crowd-favourite, Cheesy Bites Pizza, to fans countrywide—the perfect combo for one super-powered summer,” said David Daniels, VP of Media and Advertising at Pizza Hut.

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