Unveiling its latest positioning and branding, Havas Health & You has released a spot featuring animation, live action, and original music.

Havas Health & You has moved to introduce its latest positioning and branding in a creative spot focused on the future of health and wellness marketing—you. With a full rollout in motion, the campaign was inspired by the media company’s new name, and answers the all-important question: Who is you?

According to the firm, the business serves all kinds of yous, beginning with “our client yous, their customer yous, our employee yous, and all of the yous within those groups.” The effort entails a fresh website, ad banners, print, social media, and videos combining animation, live action, and original music.

“The new yous will populate all media channels worldwide. The strength of our offering is the emphasis on you, and the power of the campaign is in the ability to bring all of those yous to life—because there’s no together without you,” said Phil Silvestri, Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer at Tonic.

Basically, the idea transforms the ‘O’ in YOU into a head which creates the animated characters that represent Havas Health & You for multiple audiences. The two videos can be viewed on the brand’s homepage and careers section. The music was both composed and produced by Face the Music’s Joe Sicurella.

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