Pedigree Dentastix helps parents get closer to their pups to record the most beautiful moments of life together

Pet parents love taking photos with their dogs. In fact, 65 percent of dog owners take more photos of their dog than their significant other or friends, according to a recent trend report by Capturing that perfect photo is not always easy, so the Pedigree Dentastix brand created the SelfieStix clip to give pet parents a tool to create flawless selfies with their pups. It is the latest initiative from the brand to bring dogs and their owners closer together.

SelfieSTIX is a small plastic clip, designed to hold a Dentastix treat, and was created by the brand’s partner agency, Colenso BBDO in New Zealand. Simply clip the treat to the top of any smartphone. The pup will be fixated on the delicious treat, and pet parents will be able to snap the perfect picture every time. Plus, the oral care treat helps promote fresh breath, allowing owners to enjoy a moment of closeness with their dog – both physically and emotionally.

“We can all relate to that desire of wanting the perfect photo with your pet and ultimately having to compromise, despite your best efforts,” said Rafael Blanco, Pedigree Dentastix Brand Manager. “The SelfieSTIX clip is a fun way to help pet parents capture that moment on their phone, while also creating a lasting, bonding experience that brings pets and their owners even closer. As an added bonus, the dog is rewarded with a delicious treat, which tastes great and cleans their teeth.”

Building upon the innovative platform of the clip, and to help pet parents get even closer to their pups, the brand introduced Dentastix Studios, a cutting-edge social media platform for dogs. The mobile app, available in the App Store and Google Play, combines new technology and product integration to create a first-of-its-kind experience for dogs and their owners.

The three tools that are offered in the app include PupBooth, which allows users to add 3D filters to their dog’s face; DogDays, which helps owners track the lives of their dog and watch their dog grow; and GoodLens, which gives users a glimpse into the world their dog sees, by transforming a Dentastix treat into an array of magical objects such as a magic wand or an electric guitar.

To support the launch of the SelfieSTIX clip, the brand partnered with Ian Harding and Danielle Jonas to show their social communities how they use the SelfieSTIX clip to snap the perfect selfies with their four-legged friends.

Pedigree was a global winner of the World Branding Awards in the Dog Food-Dry/Kibble category.

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