Airbnb have now expanded its range of properties to include the Luxe range.

The portfolio of 2,000 properties comes from Luxury Retreats, the company it acquired in 2017. Each listing in the Airbnb Luxe range was hand-picked passing a 300 point criteria. The luxury rentals cost in average £1,500 per night and are positioned in some of the most exclusive locations in the world. You can find historic homes in Tuscany, ski lodges in New Zealand and castles in the French countryside.

The move is one giant step further from their current Plus offering where you can find higher end rentals averaging £118 per night and pass a 100 point criteria.

Airbnb’s director of portfolio strategy, Nick Guezen says, “This is that next level that was necessary so we can fulfil our ‘anyone belongs anywhere’ model. There are luxury travellers out there who don’t want to stay in a shared room or one of the smaller properties on the site; this gives them an offering so anyone can travel with Airbnb.”

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