Papa John’s and Shaquille O’Neal have forged an alliance which will see the former athlete invest in nine stores and serve as ambassador.

Papa John’s has added NBA Hall of Famer and restaurateur, Shaquille O’Neal, to its board of directors. He enters as an investor in nine stores located in the Atlanta area, and has also signed a marketing agreement to serve as ambassador of the American pizza chain.

The basketball icon currently owns a Krispy Kreme franchise in the same Georgian city. He is the founder of Big Chicken, a fast-casual restaurant in Las Vegas, and Shaquille’s, a fine-restaurant in Los Angeles. He is also a minority owner of the Sacramento Kings franchise.

“Shaquille understands how to build lasting connections. I look forward to working with him as a board member and brand partner to advance the initiatives being pursued across the organisation to create greater success,” said Steve Ritchie, President and CEO, Papa John’s.

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