Beringer Brothers has introduced a new line which features Sauvignon Blanc aged in premium tequila barrels to achieve even bolder flavours.

Beringer Brothers has added to its stable a Sauvignon Blanc expression aged in tequila barrels to expand its current offerings of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Red Blend aged in bourbon barrels. The products are activated with Living Wines Labels, an AR app.

The California white wine is aged for 60 days in barrels once used to age premium tequilas to achieve hints of agave. Established over 150 years ago, the distillery is celebrated for its quality flavours, and remains a tribute to its two founding brothers, Jacob and Frederick.

While others were forced to close or suspend operations, Beringer survived the Prohibition, making it the oldest operating winery in California. The great-great-grandson of Frederick, Mark Beringer, today leads wine-making there. He is the eighth person to assume the role.

In line with its Spirit of the Frontier Reborn theme, the new release features packaging that showcases the contents of the flint-coloured glass bottle. On the exterior is a photograph of the Beringer brothers in front of the winery and graphics that capture the original labels.

Bolder flavors aged in spirits barrels are meant to appeal to younger drinkers. A full suite of selling tools with case cards, shelf talkers, neckers, a three-case wrap, and tavern sampling kits with scented barrel blocks is available for consumers to enjoy a complete experience.

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