Allyson Felix defines her legacy ahead of Tokyo 2020 with Pantene’s “What’s Your Legacy” Campaign

With the long-awaited Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 ahead, Pantene is partnering with frontrunner and most decorated US Olympian in women’s track and field history, Allyson Felix, to look back and celebrate the moments that define a legacy through its “What’s Your Legacy” campaign.

The brand campaign features Allyson and her daughter, Camryn, who acknowledges that legacy is not made of only wins or medals, but the journey it took to get there; paving a path for the next generation of women and girls.

“I am thankful to have Pantene in my corner celebrating my legacy during this Olympic run,” said Felix. “After having Camryn, defining my legacy became so much more than my accomplishments on the track—she inspired me to use my voice and make a difference for her and for the world, and I now feel that legacy most when I spend time teaching her how to care for her curls, further rooting our connection and legacy together.”

For Allyson, suffering pregnancy complications with Camryn propelled her to take a stand and bring attention to a systemic issue in need of change. She became a voice for millions of mothers of colour who are subject to healthcare inequalities and have a higher maternal mortality rate, helping to create a better future for generations to come.

“Pantene celebrates everyone whose legacy is built on courage, strength, and advocating for what is right,” said Jessica Ettelson, Pantene Brand Director. “We are so proud of the athlete, activist, and mother that Allyson is and are excited to share the legacy she has built for her daughter and the world while inspiring others to build their own.”

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