Nylon Studios will leverage the ADFEST platform to host a workshop that explores the impact of VR on advertising when merged with sound.

Nylon Studios is hosting a workshop at ADFEST 2017 that will give people a crash course in the power of sound and music. Led by its Co-Founder & Creative Director, Simon Lister (pictured left), and Global Executive Producer, Hamish Macdonald (pictured right), the session will explore the potential of virtual reality in advertising.

Based in New York and Sydney, Macdonald has more than 17 years of experience in advertising, production, and post-production in Australia, London, and Asia. Meanwhile, immersed in the audio industry for over 28 years now, Lister has produced soundtracks for Toyota, Lexus, VW, Nike, Smirnoff, Boags, Hahn, Tooheys, and Sony.

“We’ll utilise spatial sound design and original music composition to explore the sound of virtual reality. In just over two hours, together we will create an ad in VR from copy to music to sound. Defying borders, we will work in real-time with award-winning composers, sound designers, and one of Australia’s most prolific voice-over artists, Lee Perry,” said Lister.

Titled Nylon Studios Presents: A Spatial Sound VR Workshop, the programme will run on Thursday, 23 March from 2:30 pm to 4:45 pm during ADFEST 2017 (22-25 March) at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand.

The session is limited to only 60 people. Delegates must register in advance by clicking here or submitting the workshop registration form. One must be a registered delegate of ADFEST to sign up.

Nylon Studios is an internationally acclaimed boutique music and sound house, with facilities in New York and Sydney. Home to a team of uniquely talented composers and sound designers, the brand takes a collective approach to all projects; it is an incubator for innovative thinking and teamwork.

World Branding Forum is an official media partner of ADFEST 2017.

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