In recent data analysis by Salience Search Marketing, Nike has emerged as the predominant brand in the e-commerce sector. Further, it is overtaking the stalwart John Lewis Kingdom in key performance indicators. 

Examining metrics such as year-on-year visibility, search volume trends, and brand awareness across 11 crucial indicators. The report sheds light on the dominating names in the e-commerce landscape.

Nike has over 1.8 million monthly brand searches and an owned social score of 394,850. It stands as the undisputed market leader in e-commerce brand awareness. Furthermore, the report also evaluated online visibility and identified Ann Summers as the frontrunner. Also, it boasts an impressive 1,258% increase.

However, notable retailer Boots experienced a significant setback. It witnessed a 58% decrease in organic visibility year-on-year, while John Lewis & Partners followed suit with a 42% decline.

Brett Janes, Managing Director at Salience Search Marketing, emphasized the seismic shifts in the consumer landscape induced by the pandemic and the ensuing cost of living crisis. The report indicates a pressing need for e-commerce brands to reevaluate their strategies in the face of a 28% decrease in overall organic growth within the industry.



As the new year commences, consumers are expected to explore sales opportunities. In addition, it presents a pivotal moment for e-commerce brands to leverage increased demand. Janes underlines the importance for brands to capitalize on this surge while planning strategically for the upcoming financial year.

“The drop in demand within the industry indicates a change in strategy is essential for e-commerce brands to overcome the 28% decrease in overall organic growth. However, as the new year kicks off, many Brits will be browsing sales. 

Hence, it makes this a robust opportunity for brands to take advantage of this increase in demand and plan for the financial year ahead,” commented Brett Janes.

Nike’s Niche Presence: How does Nike differentiate itself?

In this dynamic landscape, where Nike stands out as a market leader, the brand’s prominence extends beyond general e-commerce to specific product categories like Nike socks, Nike tech, and Nike React. This positions Nike uniquely in the highly competitive e-commerce realm. 

Even traditional retail stalwart John Lewis faces challenges. Consequently, it prompted a collective industry rethink to sustain engagement and relevance amidst these shifts.

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