While shedding light on the invisible magic of reading, Amazon Books has launched a second instalment of its campaign in collaboration with creative agency, Droga5 London. Significantly, the book-focused campaign, That Reading Feeling Awaits, is here to bring the magic of books to life.

Amazon kicked off this campaign focusing on illustrating a vast selection of books. Launched earlier this year, the campaign upscales the boom in audio storytelling. Hence, to inspire readers, Amazon Books uses radio ads to back the print, digital, and social assets.

To establish Amazon Books UK as the centre of culture, fashion, and beauty photographer Felicity Ingram contributed to print assets. Following this, the creative agency used designs from 19 well-known illustrators to translate what happens inside your head when you read. 

Moreover, each illustrator depicts different genres of Amazon books, specifying visuals using a word. Together, the unique blend of graphic illustrations with on-point word pop-ups is a divine depiction of typographical styles and mixed media illustrations.

Amazon Books
Image Source AmazonDroga5

Amazon Books and Droga5 Social and OOH Iterations

This collaboration of Amazon Books with Droga5 unveils innovative billboards, captivating social media posts, and audio radio adverts. The focus sits on exploring different reactions a reader experiences while reading books.

With this enchanting array of graphical demonstrations, most noticeable are phrases like, “Just One More Chapter,” “Did Not See That Coming,” Oh Wow Are They Really About To…?” “Bye Bye Reality! Hello Fantasy,” and many others. The collection is available on the Amazon online portal now.

On social media, Droga5 said, “The campaign aims to capture the invisible magic that occurs between a reader and a book. The bespoke illustrations support the rich tapestry of feelings that only a good read can bring.”

This way, Amazon is converting people’s imaginations into reality through these social and OOH iterations. The campaign will let your imagination inspire you and celebrate books as a foundation of culture.

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