Nestlé has introduced a pilot project in Canada, with the debut of the Nescafé Coffee Taproom in Toronto, with more such shops coming up.

Nestlé has launched the Nescafé Coffee Taproom in Canada. The Toronto-based shop was created mainly for the brand’s coffee drinkers, and the key to the front door is a Sweet & Creamy sachet. The concept offers everything from delicious drink to high-speed WiFi and outlets to power up.

With many comfortable spots to easy into, fresh cups can be made on demand using the hot water taps available on site, without the hassle of long lines, complicated menus, expensive beverages or baristas. Inside, customers don’t need a barista to get their names comically misspelled on their cup.

At the Taproom, fifty different custom cups feature misspelled versions of common names. Said cups can be bought online through the official Nescafé website meant for Canadian consumers. The signature coffee outlet runs until 28 June, and is scheduled to operate daily between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm.

To enter, consumers simply scan their sachet and receive a secret code to unlock the doors. Meanwhile, Nestlé is using the pilot project to rely on consumer insight by asking its loyalists where a Taproom should open next. Users can submit their city name electronically using the dedicated product website.

“Our customers like Sweet & Creamy because it’s a simple way to make a delicious cup of coffee at home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to hang out in a coffee shop sometimes. Now the perks include a coffee shop that they’re free to use whenever they want,” said Deana Zaghloul, Senior Marketing Manager at Nescafé.

Nescafé has been a global winner at World Branding Awards under the Coffee category for three consecutive years now.

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