Napolina Innovative Campaign Puts Tinned Tomatoes on a Pedestal


Possibly, you’ve heard that brands often take their campaign to a new height. But in one strange case, a well-renowned Italian brand heightened its product literally. In a new OOH campaign, Napolina raised its tinned tomatoes, resting commandingly on the top.

With its extensive collection of exotic ingredients and over 140 products, Napolina stepped on UK soil in 1965. It is a passionate Italian brand, that convinces people with its well-served Italian food on their table. Marino Iandiorio, a Naples businessman, started the brand “Napolina” which means ‘Little Naples.’

While exhibiting a mammoth 96-sheet billboard ad, the brand proudly elevates tinned tomatoes using a 3D Corinthian column. Interestingly, that billboard reads, “Not so Humble Ingredients.”

Moreover, if you happen to pass by Elephant and Castle tube station in London, you will be served with this message and innovative demonstration. However, this display will cherish your eyes until October 6.

Further, Lucky Generals brought this majestic billboard and innovational thought and executed this plan in collaboration with Wavemaker, ClearChannel, Kinetic, and Creative SD.

Napolina’s Tinned Tomatoes Can Elevate Any Dish to Restaurant Standard

tinned tomatoes
Image Source Napolina

Danny Hunt, creative director at Lucky Generals, said: “Hadrian, Claudius, Tiberius, Maradona – all loved and adored in Italy. They all have their statues and they all have their plinths. So, we thought it was the tomato’s turn to take its place among the greats. These proud red marvels deserve their turn in the spotlight and for everyone to celebrate their greatness. And, you know, they do make lovely spag bol.”

This towering tribute to tinned tomatoes is not an ordinary one. Certainly, the tagline “Not so Humble Ingredients” highlights the fact that these are not typical staple ingredients. Farmers have been cultivating them, basking them in the Mediterranean sunshine, and sending them out with love for over 50 years. Hence, these flavourful tomatoes are the star of your meal and every food is incomplete without them.

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