The visual unification of all Molson Coors Canada brands celebrates seven generations of beer-making and 223 years of a storied heritage.

As part of a masterbrand roll-out, Molson Coors Canada products, including Molson Canadian, Molson Dry, Molson Export, and Molson Cold Shots, will share a resemblance. Inspired by founder John Molson’s pioneering spirit, the refreshed visual identity redefines the label amidst a new generation of Canadian beer lovers.

The company will debut a fresh campaign themed History Is in Your Hands. Together with design agency, BrandOpus, certain Molson equities lost over time have been revived. Every element across the new cases, cans, and bottles pays homage to the marque’s heritage and history with a forward-facing aesthetic.

Since 1786, seven generations have honoured the Molson Coors Canada brand legacy of brewing beer using premium ingredients like British Colombia hops and Alberta barley. The exercise will feature collaborations throughout the year. Fans can join the conversation online through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

“What a unique and humbling responsibility it is to uphold a heritage so rich. I’m proud to be a caretaker of this legacy and to share the Molson story and its impact in our Canadian community. This new visual identity and launch campaign is about that drive,” said Joy Ghosh, Senior Director, Marketing at Molson Coors Canada.

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