Available in stores, the John HR Molson and Bros 1908 Historic Pale Ale offering celebrates the brand’s 230-year Canadian brewing heritage

Molson Coors has introduced the John HR Molson and Bros 1908 Historic Pale Ale, a limited-edition release brewed from a recipe found deep within the company’s archives. Now available in stores, the offering is a celebration of the brand’s 230-year Canadian brewing heritage.

In conjunction with the anniversary, its brew-masters have worked to recreate the pale ale of 1908, right down to its most minute details so that the creation combines diverse malts, heirloom hops, and century-old fermentation techniques for an authentic feel and the retention of the original flavour.

“We sat down with malsters as well as barley and hops breeders from across the globe to identify the correct ingredients to mix with Molson’s ancient ale yeast derived from the same primordial strand John Molson used in the 1700s,” said Keith Armstrong, Brew-master at Molson Coors Canada.

During the brewing process, the density and temperature measurements had to be recorded every few hours to ensure consistency. The recipe is one of the many historic documents found in approximately 400 cartons of Molson archives. Molson Coors has been part of the Canadian business community since 1786.

“The rich story behind the 1908 brew, its unquestionable quality, and the craftsmanship that went into its restoration, are a lot of the same qualities that have helped us build some of Canada’s most recognisable and successful beer brands,” said Geoff Molson, Chairman of the Board at Molson Coors Brewing Company.

As an unfiltered beer, each batch of the 1908 brew has its own unique qualities. The full-bodied flavour of the ale can be enjoyed cold, or even at warmer temperatures. The John HR Molson and Bros 1908 Historic Pale Ale is now available in 625-ml and 341-ml bottles wherever beer is sold.

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