Mercari to run ad following its recent launch of “Goodbye, Hello” brand campaign

Mercari, the online marketplace that connects millions of people across the US to buy and sell items no longer being used, announced that it will run its first-ever ad during Super Bowl LV on 7 February 2021.

This announcement comes after a year of tremendous growth for the resale industry as Americans took to decluttering their homes during the pandemic. Mercari has provided consumers with a safe, contactless way to clean out their homes and pass unused items forward.

The ad, created by Rain the Growth Agency, builds on Mercari’s recently launched “Goodbye, Hello” campaign focusing on the power behind saying “goodbye” to meaningful items and “hello” to new-found treasures.

Each spot in the campaign is set to a fresh rendition of the hit song “Hello, Goodbye” from The Beatles, amplifying the powerful connection between buyers and sellers. Produced amidst the pandemic, actors selected for the campaign were already living together, making their connection and reactions all the more authentic.

“This past year more than ever, decluttering and discovering new finds has delighted Americans, which perfectly aligns with Mercari’s mission of breathing new life into unused items around the home,” said Brand Marketing Director for Mercari, Walter Hangad.

“Current Mercari users will recognise the warmth and connection portrayed in the ad, and we hope new audiences will grasp the emotion that people have when saying ‘goodbye’ to something they love so another can say ‘hello’ to their new favourite thing.”

In the Super Bowl spot, we see how one person’s unused popcorn maker finds a new life in another home whilst they enjoy a football game. The ad, along with the larger “Goodbye, Hello” campaign, embraces the idea that gently used items can be turned into highly valued things if they are passed forward to someone who needs them. This idea is one of Mercari’s founding principles.

Mercari’s parent company originally launched in Japan, and the US company stays true to its roots, nodding to the Japanese cultural value of not throwing things away. Kintsugi, for example, is an art form where broken pottery pieces are carefully put back together with gold, rather than being thrown away.

Inspired by its cultural heritage, Mercari included Kintsugi “Easter Eggs” throughout the “Goodbye, Hello” campaign, to surprise and captivate viewers.

The new campaign furthers Mercari’s brand vision showcasing the beauty of the circular economy. As the category continues to scale at a rapid pace, buyers and sellers alike will experience the life stages in which they say “goodbye” to one item and “hello” to another. Mercari’s Super Bowl ad is expected to run during the third quarter of Super Bowl LV.

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