Beatles song “Hello Goodbye” leads ad campaign for selling app Mercari, showcasing the beauty of passing items forward

Mercari, the popular online marketplace that connects millions of people across the US to exchange items no longer being used, is launching a new campaign to showcase the beauty of passing unused items forward.

“At its core, Mercari is about connecting people. When people shop on our platform, they are discovering items that will breathe new life into their space. As a seller, they are passing meaningful items on for others to enjoy,” said Walter Hangad, Brand Marketing Director for Mercari US.

“We chose ‘Hello, Goodbye’ from the Beatles for this campaign because it perfectly amplifies this concept, as well as the emotion behind it – one person says ‘goodbye’ to something they love so another can say ‘hello’ to a delightful new find.

“The challenge,” says agency Chief Creative Officer Steve Diamond, “was evoking the satisfaction people have when they pass things along – and the connection that exists between sellers and buyers when that happens. To make this genuine – and because of COVID – we used actors who were already living together, so their feelings and emotions were authentic with each other. The result is a campaign that shows buying and selling with meaningful connections for everyone involved.”

Mercari started in Japan, where there is a culture of not throwing things away, reflected in the Japanese art of Kintsugi – putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold to create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art. The new campaign embraces the idea that gently used items can be turned into highly valued things if they are passed forward to someone who needs them. There are even Kintsugi “Easter Eggs” embedded in the advertising.

The campaign reflects the broader vision for Mercari, which is to be the leader in powering the circular economy. According to Coresight Research, this economy is growing twenty times faster than broader retail. The campaign intentionally spans a very diverse set of buyers and sellers across many life stages to demonstrate the breadth and growth of this market.

Besides creative, Rain the Growth Agency also handles media for Mercari. The campaign will debut across audio, paid social, OTT and high-profile TV. Spots will air during NFL playoff games, SNL, Ellen and the Texas bowl. “The goal is ambitious, so our targeting and media planning have to be multichannel and brilliantly coordinated. I can’t wait to see this campaign deliver for Mercari,” said Rain the Growth Agency CEO Michelle Cardinal.

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