Mars Wrigley’s gum brand, EXTRA has portrayed an exaggerated version of the post-lockdown mood in their latest spot

Mars Wrigley UK has released a new TV ad as part of its new mission to help the public get their Ding! back.

As the UK looks ahead to a non-lockdown world, Mars Wrigley’s gum brand, EXTRA has portrayed an exaggerated version of the post-lockdown mood, showcasing the lighter side of reality and the newfound energy the nation has, for what was previously their mundane day-to-day lives.

Excitement and a thrill for a non-socially distanced life are shown in a series of scenarios, including the demise of virtual work meetings, kissing passionately in public and returning to the morning commute.

Created with Energy BBDO, the ad is part of EXTRA’s Get Your Ding Back campaign, encouraging Brits across the nation to get their confidence back and enjoy a more energised 2021, following a tough 2020.

It follows the Q1 campaign encouraging Gen Z to get their dating Ding! back virtually, which included a partnership with Celebrity Dating Expert Sophie Hermann. Later on this summer, EXTRA will be sponsoring the much-anticipated 2021 series of Love Island.

These campaigns are designed to reinvigorate the category, keeping gum contextually relevant after seeing a decline during the pandemic with less socialising and eating out.

Speaking about the launch, Chirag Shah, EXTRA Brand Manager said: “I’m absolutely thrilled Extra is launching this new campaign with an ad that captures the mood of the nation, in a light-hearted exaggerated way. I hope the TV ad creates lots of smiles and keeps gum top of mind across the big summer to come!”

Josh Gross and Pedro Pérez, Co-Chief Creative Officers, Energy BBDO, said: “When the time comes, we won’t just exit our homes quietly, pick up the newspaper and whistle our way back to the office. No, we’re going to return with force and help the world get its ding back! One pack of Extra at a time.”

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