Magnum and Alexander Wang unveil the MAGNUM X ALEXANDER WANG Cooler Bag, Whilst Bella Shows What It Means to “Take Pleasure Seriously”

Magnum was joined at the Cannes International Film Festival by designer, Alexander Wang, and supermodel Bella Hadid to launch their collaboration for its “Take Pleasure Seriously” campaign.

As part of the campaign, a short film starring Bella Hadid and Alexander Wang was created to celebrate the craft and quality that goes into creating the iconic range of ice creams.

In addition, the brand unveiled a MAGNUM X ALEXANDER WANG limited edition handmade cooler bag in celebration of the distinctive craft and expertise that both Alexander Wang and the brand embody.

Bella Hadid joined Alexander Wang on stage in celebration of the brand’s “Take Pleasure Seriously” campaign to share their views on the importance of relishing life’s pleasures – seizing moments of pure enjoyment and pure indulgence.

The supermodel embodied the effortless attitude viewed first hand by the audience in person and in her starring role in the brand’s latest short film, which was screened during the event.

The leather-wrapped cooler bag is the result of a truly unique collaboration with the brand and Alexander Wang. By injecting elegance and luxury into an everyday object, the two brands have created a premium, yet subversive, accessory to house expertly crafted luxury ice cream – great for those who take pleasure seriously.

“I am excited to finally be able to share the MAGNUM X ALEXANDER WANG cooler bag here in Cannes. Today is the result of months of incredibly hard work on a unique project.

“As you will hopefully see, the bags were designed to capture the craft and expertise that I share with the brand. This collaboration allows for an indulgent Magnum whenever and wherever you want,” said Alexander Wang, sharing his excitement for the partnership.

Bella Hadid also shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying: “I am a strong believer in living life to the fullest, which is why I am so excited to be working with Alexander Wang and the brand on this project.

“The MAGNUM X ALEXANDER WANG cooler bag allows you to enjoy an indulgent moment wherever and whenever. I have truly enjoyed developing this collaboration, and hope we inspire others to take pleasure seriously.”

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