Luxury Card has engaged model, Lily Aldridge, for the latest executions around its Experience More push. She appears in TV and digital spots.

Re-energising its Experience More campaign, Luxury Card has released a commercial starring model, Lily Aldridge. Scheduled to debut across multiple networks and digital channels this week, the main focus of the spot are the benefits of membership. As spokesperson, she discusses motherhood, her career, and the rewards the brand offers.

A key point is the complimentary concierge service made available around the clock through Luxury Card, the purpose of which is to deliver every amenity to users for a hassle-free and enjoyable all-day experience. Featuring 15, 30, and 60-second shorts, the collaborative production was developed in-house by the marque and its ambassador.

The musical score was exclusively commissioned to capture the mood and theme of the narrative. Shot on location in New York City, every detail of the advert is meant to celebrate the luxury of being a card member. The push aims to exalt life’s finer moments as well as encourage cardholders to exude the joys of being a role model to others.

The Mastercard Black offering comes with a stainless-steel front and carbon back for both distinction and durability. According to the company, the craftsmanship and innovation entailed in the development and manufacturing of each Luxury Card embody its essence and identity. True to its quality credo, the group holds 46 patents globally.

“Like most of our card members, Aldridge balances family life with a full-time career that includes a global travel schedule. She is busy and expects quality service, value, and peace of mind from us. Our services assist in making a busy lifestyle a whole lot easier,” said Marina Kissam, Vice President, Customer Experience at Luxury Card.

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