Lexus UK’s film features Seb Coe, President of World Athletics and Olympic hopeful Alex Haydock-Wilson

Lexus UK has released a new film, The Power of Two, in which Seb Coe, President of World Athletics, meets Olympic hopeful Alex Haydock-Wilson, revealing what happens when the wisdom of experience meets the raw potential and promise of a new generation.

The brand’s 12-minute film, made before the COVID-19 lockdown, records their first meeting at Alex’s home track and the drive they shared in a Lexus RX F Sport.

The result was a remarkable conversation between two very different generations, covering a variety of topics: their inspirations, an addiction to winning, the changing definition of power, social media’s influence and even Seb’s first taste of grime music on the car stereo.

The film will feature in an interactive player on the Lexus UK website that allows you to explore the many stories and anecdotes in their conversation in more detail.

“Taking a drive with one of sport’s most powerful and progressive figures is always going to be interesting. By inviting Seb Coe to share his RX Hybrid with a young athlete who embodies the dynamic power and potential of a brave new generation, we captured something really fascinating,” said Ewan Shepherd, Director of Lexus in the UK.

“The way we generate and use power today is very different to how it was done in previous generations and this is clearly illustrated in the film and made the chemistry between Seb and Alex all the more captivating. We hope viewers enjoy interacting with the many topics that were discussed with humour and insight.”


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