New Lexus Performance, Crafted to the Extreme campaign made in partnership with Rhys Millen and Ozan Biron

Crafting exceptional performance vehicles for luxury automaker Lexus requires commissioning the meticulous work of its Takumi masters. With at least 25 years of training, Takumi possess a rare blend of skill and spirit, have a passion for excellence and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

This combination of relentless attention to detail and high-performance is highlighted in the brand‘s new marketing campaign.

The campaign, called “Performance, Crafted to the Extreme,” showcases the Lexus LC 500, RC F and GS F from production to pavement, showing how high tech assembly coupled with Takumi mastery yields extreme exhilaration on the road.

“At Lexus, we believe craft is measured not only by product quality, but also by the quality of the emotions it evokes. Takumi is the highest honour within the brand’s engineering ranks – from extensive track testing, to titanium engine components, to aerodynamically sculpted bodies, painstaking attention to detail is paid to each of its high-performance vehicles,” said Cooper Ericksen, Lexus Vice President of Marketing.

The marketing campaign includes two 30-second TV spots, “Crafted Extremes” and “Extreme Measures” and one 60-second digital spot, “Crafted Extremes – Extended Cut.” For the spots, the brand partnered with top drifting and Hollywood stunt driver, Rhys Millen, and renowned automotive director, Ozan Biron. The production crew received unfettered access to the brand’s factories, which are normally off-limits.

Amongst the 7,700 workers at the Miyata Lexus Plant in Kyushu, there are just 19 Takumi. Positioned as team leaders, they preserve the brand’s traditions and pass on valuable skills and processes, making certain every aspect of each vehicle is flawless.

“It has been said that cars are built by machines, but Lexus vehicles are built by people,” noted Ericksen.

The campaign’s spots and videos also offer a rare glimpse behind the scenes at the brand’s Motomachi and Tahara factories, where the Lexus LC 500, RC F and GS F are built using the finest materials and extreme measures by Takumi.

Motomachi, where the LC 500 is assembled, is one of the most sophisticated factories in the world and the facility where the iconic LFA supercar was hand-crafted. Here, the production line is virtually spotless and painted pure white from floor to ceiling to help workers focus and ensure that in the unlikely event a part is misplaced, it will be easily noticed.

Rather than rely on robots and sensors, Takumi use their eyes, ears and hands to inspect every inch of the vehicles. They use the skills they acquired in the production of the LFA – such as the development of carbon-fiber components and the expert hand-finishing – to manufacture the LC according to the same quality standards.

Once they have finished assembling each LC 500, they put it through rigorous testing including a 700-point inspection and a driving test at the factory’s on-site track. Every bit of their skill and precision can be felt every time the engine is started.

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