Young Hollywood has united to launch the #TieABowChallenge, organised by Key Elements PR. The Tie A Bow Challenge is a social media campaign aimed at showing global unity in the fight against coronavirus and thanks to all of the essential workers who are at the forefront of this battle.

Celebrities will kick off the campaign by posting a “challenge” on their social media asking friends to place a bow (of any colour) on their front door or inside their front window symbolising global unity and thanks to essential workers. Bows can be made of any household item the challenger has on hand in an effort to encourage social distancing and allow anyone who is challenged to participate without leaving the house to purchase supplies.

Some of the young celebrities participating in the launch include Jason Maybaum (Raven’s Home), Mackenzie Hancsicsak (This Is Us), Parker Bates (This Is Us), Faithe Herman (This Is Us), Ava Kolker (Sydney to the Max), Raegan Revord (Young Sheldon), Maya Le Clark (The Thundermans), August Maturo (Girl Meets World), Dylan and Caden Conrique (Chicken Girls), Lilia Buckingham (Crown Lake), Hunter Payton (Raven’s Home), Bryson Robinson (Mani), Merrick Hanna (Mani) and many more.

The challenge is being organised by Key Elements PR, a boutique PR firm specialising in the representation of youth talent. “I wanted to organise a campaign to show the world that we are all in this together and to show all of the people out there going to work day in and day out that we support them and are grateful for everything they are doing to keep essential services running in these unprecedented times.

“All of the doctors, nurses, military, laboratory staff, grocery store employees, truckers, warehouse staff, delivery and postal workers, and the list goes on. Without them at the forefront of this battle, we would not have access to the essential supplies and services that we need to survive in these unprecedented times. They are in our thoughts and prayers and we are so grateful for all that they are doing,” said Jennifer Tinucci of Key Elements PR Services.

“We will band together and beat this, but we must all do our part. If we are not essential workers, we must all stay home to slow the spread of the virus. I hope that as the challenge gains momentum, we will all have bows on our windows and doors showing support.”

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