Matalan, the renowned omnichannel retailer specializing in affordable fashion and homeware, has recently appointed Jeremy Pee as their new Non-Executive director. Its aim is to propel the company toward profitable, sustainable growth.

Pee joins Matalan after serving as the Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Marks and Spencer. At that luxury brand, he led a comprehensive digital transformation initiative during his five-year tenure. 

Prior to this, he contributed significantly to Loblaw Digital. Further, he established the online division of Canada’s largest retailer. To promote this, he managed the profit and loss responsibilities for Staples’ largest retail category. Pee also served as a Non-Executive Director of the HM Land Registry.

Bringing over two decades of robust retail experience, Pee has demonstrated expertise in driving digital strategies for businesses. His appointment aligns with Matalan’s customer service goal to leverage omnichannel opportunities and foster sustainable growth.

Karl-Heinz Holland, Chair of Matalan Online, expressed enthusiasm about Pee’s appointment. He highlighted his extensive retail background and unparalleled proficiency in digital and technological transformations. “We are delighted to welcome Jeremy to the board,” said Holland. 

This way, Karl emphasizes Pee’s potential to significantly contribute to refining and executing Matalan’s omnichannel strategy, ultimately enhancing family services.

In response, Jeremy Pee conveyed his excitement about joining Matalan as a Non-Executive director. He acknowledged the brand’s enduring presence in British retail and its potential for substantial growth. “Matalan is a stalwart of British retailing,” Pee remarked. 

Additionally, he underscored his commitment to collaborating with the board and executive team to fully unlock digital and omnichannel retailing potential. Consequently, it fortifies Matalan’s position in the market.

High Expectations With New Recruit, Jeremy Pee as Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director
Image Source Sky News

One would be concerned and building a relationship with the company’s prosperity and Jeremy Pee’s induction. But the associated optimism states that Pee’s appointment in this recent role can, for sure, upscale the growing trajectory of this business.

In recent financial reports, Matalan unveiled a 0.8% increase in revenue for the second quarter, evidencing its upward trajectory. Notably, revenue surged to £288.6 million for the 13 weeks ending August 26, a slight uptick from £286.4 million in the corresponding period in 2022.

Hence, Pee’s appointment arrives at a pivotal moment for Matalan Sale as it focuses on building a more robust and contemporary business model. His expertise and leadership are poised to play a pivotal role in advancing the company’s digital aspirations. Undoubtedly, he will drive sustained growth in the competitive retail landscape.

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