Topps Tiles credits its record first-half revenues to the strength of its brands and omnichannel strategy execution.

Topps Tiles, the flooring superstore, has a vast collection. This includes bathroom tiles, kitchen tile stickers, outdoor tiles, carpet tiles, wall tiles, and luxury vinyl tiles.

Topps Tiles

According to the report, Topps Tiles recorded a turnover for the first half of its financial year. Moreover, Brits still hooked on improving and repairing their homes.

Besides, Topps Tiles’ financial report shows a 9.5% increase in revenue from 26 weeks to April 1. This increment as compared to the last year hits a recorded sale of £130.5 million.

Among this revenue, £9 million in revenue growth has a link with Pro Tiler Tools and launching Tile Warehouse in 2022. Further, its online sales climbed to £10.1 million. This rise from just £1.1 million with Topps Tile’s share price of 53.50 for the same period last year.

Due to the massive Topps Tiles trade, sales grew by 3.5% in the second quarter and were up 4.3% in the first half. Moreover, customer satisfaction also continued to improve, increasing business by 59%.

The CEO of Topps Tiles, Robert Parker, said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of Tile Warehouse, a new online-only brand that brings everyday low prices to homeowners. This builds on the acquisition of Pro Tiler Ltd. in March and forms the basis for a new, high-growth, online-only sales channel.”

Furthermore, UK repair, maintenance, and improvement sectors support Topps Tiles’ “excellent performance.” After considering customers’ concerns about “Topps Tiles near me,” it’s launching an omnichannel strategy. This will ultimately show robust results despite several challenges.

After remarkable achievements, Topps Tiles is ranked as a Top 150 retailer in RXUK’s 2023 Top500 report.

Rob Parker added, “We have continued to develop the Topps Tiles brand, enhancing our store portfolio and introducing several new developments.”

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