Intel Launches New 2 in 1 Campaign Targeting Small Business Owners

“Power of AND” Campaign Suggests There’s No Room for Compromise

Semiconductor brand leader Intel has launched a digital and print advertising campaign that gets to the heart of what small business owners need. Created by Cargo, an agency specialising in business-to-small business (B2SB) marketing, the “Power of AND” campaign promotes the unique ability of Intel-based 2 in 1 devices to give small businesses the technology they need for whatever comes their way. Intel-based 2 in 1s are single devices capable of running as either a laptop or a tablet without compromising on performance, battery life, graphics or other critical business features.

“For small business owners, there’s no room for compromise,” says Cargo Managing Director Dan Gliatta. “They don’t have the option to choose between working hard or working smart; they have to do both in order to succeed. The ‘Power of AND’ is Intel’s way of letting small business owners [know] they no longer have to settle.”

Intel B2B campaign ad
Intel “Power of AND” Campaign for Entrepreneur Magazine (PRNewsFoto/Cargo LLC)

The “Power of AND” campaign is designed to reach and speak to businesses with fewer than 50 employees. A series of digital and print ads uses a split-screen format featuring individual small business owners in their unique settings, using an Intel-powered 2 in 1 device. Headlines such as “It’s Doing It Right AND Doing It Right Now” followed by emotion-driven copy pays particular attention to the unique needs of small business owners.

The integrated campaign runs through October and includes elements such as digital ads, a campaign landing page at, video and mobile content, and other online and offline engagements around small business editorial in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur magazine and others.

In addition to strategic planning and developing the creative idea for “Power of AND,” Cargo was responsible for all advertising copy, design and production, web design, and media planning and buying. Cargo will also conduct a tracking study on customer intent to purchase.

“I wanted to work with Cargo on this campaign because of their unique expertise and insights on small business owners,” said Intel Director of U.S. Business Campaign Strategy, Scott Allee. “The “Power of AND” idea and campaign approach is a clear example of that expertise, and a great way for Intel to speak to small business owners about addressing business needs, not just about the latest technology.”