IMA Launched a New Integrated Advertising and Communications Campaign for the CMA Certification Program

The campaign emphasizes the strategic value of CMAs  (Certified Management Accountant) in the face of increasing automation, while embracing “augmented” intelligence, such as robotics, to create even greater value for organizations. IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) President and CEO Jeff Thomson, CMA, CAE, announced the new campaign during a presentation in New York City on 2 October for the Accountants Club of America.

An evolution of the “You’ve Got to Earn It” campaign that positioned the CMA as the leading global accounting credential, the new campaign points to the CMA as the way to prepare oneself for the future. Advances in automation and artificial intelligence have some accountants and financial professionals concerned about losing their jobs to machines. In a light-hearted but professionally relevant response, the campaign makes it clear how the CMA enhances a professional’s value as a strategic business partner and trusted advisor, not likely replaceable by machines.

“With the rise of new technologies, there’s uncertainty about the future of accounting,” said Thomson. “Preparing professionals for the future is not just a campaign; it is integral to IMA’s vision and mission. The CMA prepares professionals for these challenges by enabling them to both improve an organization’s performance and create a competitive advantage.”

Created in partnership with The Gate | New York, the campaign’s multi-channel components will include TV, radio, print and digital ads. IMA will also extend the theme across social media and integrated communications platforms. To target millennials and young professionals, the campaign includes a new Hulu and YouTube advertising strategy. The campaign’s tagline, “You’ve Got to Earn it,” refers to how every CMA certificate – 55,000 and growing rapidly – has been earned through rigorous testing of the management accounting body of knowledge.

“Robots and AI have entered the accounting world. While a concern to some, their presence does not bother the confident business executive at the center of our humorous campaign. Instead, he focuses on larger strategic issues, and delegates lesser tasks to a cadre of robots who work for him,” said Beau Fraser, president, The Gate | New York.

Since launching the “You’ve Got to Earn It,” campaign, IMA has seen significant growth in its membership and in the number of CMA candidates. In its most recent fiscal year, IMA experienced record-breaking growth for the CMA program, bringing the total number of candidates to 42,000. IMA’s total membership also increased by 11 percent in the last year, raising total membership to more than 90,000, and putting IMA on track to reach 100,000 members by its 100th anniversary in 2019.

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