Honda “Safety for Everyone” approach extends beyond automobile drivers and motorcycle riders to passengers, pedestrians and everyone using the road, as part of Honda’s vision for a collision-free society

Honda debuts a brand marketing campaign highlighting the automaker’s deep-rooted and ongoing commitment to safety and the company goal of helping to create a collision-free society.

The new “Safety for Everyone” campaign launched with 60-second and 30-second commercials that portray a “what if” vehicle-pedestrian collision scenario.

Through emotional storytelling, the spot illustrates what could happen to the lives touched by a pedestrian had a collision not been avoided by Honda’s Collision Mitigating Braking System, part of the brand‘s Sensing suite of safety and driver-assistive technology that is now standard or available on every Honda model in the US.

Safety for Everyone” represents the brand’s unique approach to safety — that everyone sharing the road should be able to safely and confidently enjoy the freedom of mobility.

With nearly 40,000 lives being lost each year in the United States due to motor vehicle crashes, the brand is dedicated to not only improving the safety of drivers and occupants of its vehicles, but all road users such as pedestrians, motorcycle riders, cyclists and occupants of other vehicles, with the ultimate goal of eliminating crashes and vehicle-related fatalities completely.

“We wanted our new Honda brand campaign to capture the type of real-life scenario that inspires our engineers to pour their passion into creating technologies that work toward our ‘Safety for Everyone’ approach of protecting everyone sharing the road,” said Ed Beadle, Senior Manager of Marketing for Honda.

“Crash statistics alone simply cannot tell the story of how a single crash can have a significant and lasting effect on family, friends and loved ones of people involved in a collision.”

Directed by award-winning commercial director Ringan Ledwidge, Honda’s “Safety for Everyone” spot was first aired during the Friday night college football matchup on ESPN/ABC on 20 September.

In addition, and to further advance its vision for a collision-free society, Honda will roll out a safety-focused social media campaign next month that features actual Honda customers who have benefited from Honda’s active and passive safety technologies.

These inspiring stories are pulled from customers’ social media posts and letters Honda has received from thankful customers.

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