Heineken’s campaign is utilising targeted in-app notifications and offering vouchers from the leading rideshare app to encourage consumers not to drive when they drink

Heineken USA, in conjunction with Waze, the world’s leading traffic and navigation app, has announced a partnership in the US to promote responsible consumption.

Piloting this summer in California, the campaign is utilising targeted in-app notifications and offering vouchers from the leading rideshare app to encourage consumers not to drive when they drink. As a long-standing industry leader in promoting responsible drinking, Heineken USA is the first alcohol company to begin a partnership with Waze in the United States.

Beginning Memorial Day weekend and extending through the summer, the promotion will be available to Waze users throughout the state of California with room to expand to other markets.

The campaign will champion moderation by targeting users going to social venues such as beaches, parks, sports stadiums, and restaurants with messages that remind consumers that there is always a choice and encouraging safe decision-making behind the wheel. Waze users travelling to these sites will be offered a rideshare voucher that they can redeem at any point during the summer for a safe, responsible ride home.

“We like to say Heineken has been social networking since 1873, but we recognize bringing people together for a drink comes with responsibility. Encouraging responsible consumption is core to our ethos and central to everything we do,” said Josephine Bertrams, SVP and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Heineken USA.

“Our new partnership with Waze in the US is an exciting extension of this commitment. We’re working with Waze to encourage people to make safe and smart decisions as they spend well-deserved time with family and friends this summer.”

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Drunk Driving is still the number one cause of death on American roads and whilst research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates drunk driving fatalities have decreased 51% since 1982 and 21% over the past five years, there is still work to be done.

That is why the alcohol brand continues to encourage moderation with its ongoing pledge to commit 10% of its flagship brand, Heineken’s, media spend on responsible consumption campaigns each year.

“The last year has been challenging for everyone, and we’re excited to see the progress being made towards a ‘new normal’ for people in the United States,” said Fernando Belfort, Head of Waze Mid-Market for North America.

“We want to make sure drivers can celebrate in the safest way possible and believe our innovative partnership with Heineken USA will discourage dangerous behaviour on the roads. With Memorial Day weekend historically being one of the biggest driving holidays of the year, this is a critical time to remind people on the road to drive safely and responsibly.”

This partnership builds upon the brand’s “When You Drive, Never Drink” global responsible consumption campaign and adds to Heineken USA’s growing list of collaborations aimed at encouraging better decision-making on the road.

The company first joined the Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) Coalition in February 2015, an alliance that allows the company to promote responsibility messages and encourage positive fan behaviour at sports and entertainment facilities.

Last month, Heineken announced its 2030 Brew a Better World programme, a new set of ambitious commitments aimed at driving a positive impact on the environment, social sustainability and the responsible consumption of alcohol.

As an important part of the company’s EverGreen growth strategy, the 2030 ambitions build on progress made since the Brew a Better World programme was originally launched in 2009.

The partnership with Waze is one way in which Heineken USA will focus on driving a positive impact when it comes to the responsible consumption of alcohol in the US market and contributes to the global organisation’s pledge to bring responsible consumption messages to 1 billion consumers every year.

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